Re-Registering Microsoft Office XP for Students

  carlh365 11:57 07 May 2003

I am cuurently checking all the programs and files on my computer before I reboot it with the recovery software that I obtained from my computer maker ACER.
Obviously when I reboot it all my files will be delted and the only things left on my PC will be the factory set software that was first installed on it.
As I was going through all my programs I realised what would happen with my Windows Office XP for Students. The product requires that you register it otherwise you can only use it for like 30 days. Since I have already registered it under my current setup what happens when i try and re-register it after I reboot?
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance,

  Lú-tzé 18:50 07 May 2003

It should be ok if you phone up Microsoft and tell them why you are trying to re-register it. Why not give them a call beforehand and ask?

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