re-partition HD

  Boy Zone 14:38 15 Oct 2008

I've got a 100Gb HD spilt into 50:50 drive C for programs and OS, Drive D for data.
I want to re-partition C so its 70:30. How do I do this without messing up my programs and OS. The data I can backup.
Operation system Win XP home. Acer Laptop.

  cocteau48 14:58 15 Oct 2008

Free and unrestricted:
click here

  Boy Zone 15:27 16 Oct 2008

I have installed this program, and ran it, but now have a problem.
My HD is 100Gb and I wanted the C drive to be 60Gb and data drive to be 40Gb.
WHat I now have is:-
7.84Gb unallocated
39.24 D logical drive
53.91 C system primary
How do I get rid of this 7.84 and attach it to my C drive?

  Bris 20:47 16 Oct 2008

Are you sure its 7.8Gb and not 7.8Mb. When a disc is created with an extended primary partition containing logical drives it often reserves an area of 7.8Mb at the front of the disc. Its best not to mess with this as its so small anyway.

  Boy Zone 19:50 19 Oct 2008

yes my mistake, it's 7.8mb.

why can't I see my HD as being nearer to 100Gb instead of 94Gb?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:29 19 Oct 2008

Its the diffence between the way the manufacturers advertise the size (base 10) and the way windows counts a gigabyte.

Therefore windows displays the drive as what appears to be a smaller size. the bigger the drive the more you appear to lose.

94G shown by windows is correct for a 100G drive

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