re-opening a linux mint question

  KEITH 1955 16:58 06 Mar 2017

A few months ago i put linux mint on one of my pc but when i booted the pc up after a succsessful install i did not see an option to run windows or linux. Several people said i must have said yes to too many questions about partitioning as linux was installing. Most people who answered my previous posting say i must have completly destroyed windows but then i had a flash back. I was using linux online BUT with a linksey wi fi dongle ( a piece of windows software) to my bt hub. So have i really destroyed windows or is it that i just cant find it. I cant reboot pc to factory settings as it is windows recovery disc and at the moment i can only run linux... If i get some answers i will set up the pc again... My main question then is , where is windows now and how do i get to it .

  Belatucadrus 20:44 06 Mar 2017

As I remember part of the problem we were having offering advice was the way your PC was booting into an operating system. Either Grub should have cropped up giving you the choice of Windows or Linux or it should have opened Mint in the usual way, the options you listed aren't anything I've seen after numerous linux installs.

Whatever, I don't see the Linksys Dongle as being an issue, though general rule of thumb when doing a Linux install is have a live wired internet connection to enable the PC to download any additional drivers that may be required. If you have a functioning Wi Fi connection in Linux the drivers are OK.

What shows up on Menu/Accessories/disks ? it should show everything on your hard drive, does the drive capacity listed match the actual size. As I said before if the Windows OS isn't on a separate partition which should show up, it has probably been overwritten. If this is the case then the short answer to your question " where is windows now and how do i get to it ." is it's under the Linux install and you can't, you'll need a new copy on a disk.

All this with the obvious proviso that I can't see your screen so I'm guessing.

  KEITH 1955 21:28 06 Mar 2017

thanks for the reply all I can remember when looking at the drives was that Linux gave them different name , not c and d and the equivalent of Linux drives was now showing at least 4 . I am trying to get as much advise as possible but I wont be able to set that particular pc up till the end of the week due to work demands.

  LastChip 22:13 06 Mar 2017

To see how Linux names drives, take a look at this, which although I wrote a number of years ago now, is still valid - nothing has changed. (The author reference is wrong and due to changing server platforms).

The main change you will see, is almost all computers in recent times now use SATA drives which use sd rather than hd.

  Belatucadrus 22:17 06 Mar 2017

Well if there are four partitions, you may be in luck. My latest Mint 18 install only shows three:-

The main "Filesystem" which is a Partition type Linux (Bootable),

"Extended" Partition type Extended and

"Swap" Partition type Linux Swap.

Note down all the Partition names and Types, if there's a second bootable one there may be windows stuff on it.

  KEITH 1955 22:28 06 Mar 2017

thanks I will investigate at the weekend when I got more time

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