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Re-numbering photos in a "My Pictures" folder

  lion4253 10:35 22 Aug 2012

I have a folder in "My Pictures" with about 400 photos - all with various descriptions/numbers. I want to make a slide-show presentation, but though the pictures are in the order I want them in the folder, when I open my program to make the slide-show, they are shown in a very different order - which would make selecting them a tedious process.

Is there a way to re-number them all in the folder - 001 to 400 - thus preserving the order I want, without having to go through them all one by one?

  hssutton 12:15 23 Aug 2012

All that is required to create a slide show is for the photos to be numbered in the correct order and Windows will do that with the upmost simplicity

  HenryF75 14:22 23 Aug 2012

Yimbo. If you wish to avoid renumbering, right click on any slide in the slide list of ProShow. There is an option in the displayed menu to sort. That will give you several ways to sort your slide list, and probably solve your problem.

  lion4253 15:19 23 Aug 2012

"....probably solve your problem"

Thanks HenryF75, it did! I'm not entirely familiar with ProShow (yet!), but it's a great program, and your advice has helped me considerably!

I appreciate your time and help!

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