re- no sound CD or DVD

  Jade 14 G 15:04 23 Feb 2007

Was playing a cd from media libary, weent off and cannot get a squeak out of it or DVD player.
Ay ideas whats wrong

  moorie- 15:59 23 Feb 2007

can you get any sound at all ie if you went online and a site uses sound can you hear it?

is there any exclamations next to sounds in device manager?

what player were you using at time?

can you system restore to time before the occurrence?

you could uninstall the soundcard driver and reboot and detect as new hardware let xp install driver.

  uesquebeathus 16:05 23 Feb 2007

any info on what software you were using, operating system and motherboard any details would help us help you, please

If it is Windows XP go into the click start then control panel/sound and audio devices/the fi8rst upper box with device volume, click advanced .
Then look at which devices are shown there is a small box at the bottom of each item for a "mute"tick, make sure thay are not ticked as that will turn of "mute" the sound from that device.
Then look at each device there is a slide for volume up is louder of course.
check that the speaker plug has not came out the socket in the computer "Green" is normally sound out. Blue is a microphone socket.

  Jade 14 G 16:11 23 Feb 2007

Windows XP, went to windows media player andtried playing cd but no sound so put a cd in and still sound, so tried AN Dvd Still no sound so went to three sites that have no sound, l could do system restore if its ok

  moorie- 22:01 23 Feb 2007

jade sorry had to go out,
system restore will do no harm trying,but first call would be to uninstall the soundcard drivers and reboot,look in device manager,sound,

  Jade 14 G 13:49 24 Feb 2007

System restore so will try what you said, thanks

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