re- new pc no sound and store won't help

  can't have this 17:44 28 Jun 2007

Have got new vista premum pc, new isp but no sound or no applets and its the media edition so lost a lot. Was on the high phone call all day at pc world and there answer was try it with another pc or a mp3 and haven't either and can't take it in to local store as only use electic wheelchair.
Downloaded a sound card that was for my packard bell pc but only just found out the screen is aoc and tower is packard bell.
Even though l said its new they will not do anything and the guy at aoc said if he thought it was the moniter he would change for a re-con moniter but till l get it checked out with another pc or head phones no one will help. I have cordless headphones that fit the slot but they said there wrong it has to me mp3 or 4.
Is there any way you can help

  ICF 18:50 28 Jun 2007

Do you have the model number of the PC?
With this it will be possible to find out if it's onboard sound or a sound card.

You could download this it a system info program and it should tell what motherboard you have

click here

  jade25 19:27 28 Jun 2007

yes l have got it and thanks a lot, now firefox won't bookmark this website,
Thanks a lot , will go and try.

  VoG II 19:35 28 Jun 2007

From your description I gather that your speakers are built into the monitor. Are you sure that the wires for sound are plugged into the correct sockets on the back of the PC?

It may sound a stupid question but I have made this mistake myself in the distant past.

  jade25 20:05 28 Jun 2007

I went to the site and it said needed a plug in which was adobe flash but had downloaed it before but did it again.
Yes speakers are at the bottom of moniter. I am not sure on the site were it will tell me if sound is onboard or a sound card. Am sorry when mothers boards are talked about am lost. I am a artist so you have the answer lo

  woodchip 20:30 28 Jun 2007

If this is a New Computer PCWORLD are under obligation to put it right if it's faulty. I would tell them in no uncertain terms that you want it fixing. Or you will take it to Consumer Protection.

  jade25 20:57 28 Jun 2007

I have lots of times yesterday and you get knowhere as they have just one phone number which is a call centre, was on for hours yesterday and it must have cost a lot the hours l was on it as its a high number. I have today rang consumer protection and they have to transfer you to the nearest were you live but my one is flooded out and they don't know when there re- opening, just had to live were the floods are,

  Pamy 21:21 28 Jun 2007

can't have this, How has your name now become Jade25?

Can you tell us more in detail how you came to buy your New Computer from PC World with dates if possible please and the store location

  lotvic 00:10 29 Jun 2007

this may appear silly... but.... it happened to me when I got my Media Edition XP pc and I thought it was faulty as had no sound. Nearly drove me nuts trying to fix it.

Press the Mute button on your keyboard it may have been activated by mistake.
Do it whilst playing a cd to check if this is your problem.

  mrwoowoo 00:53 29 Jun 2007

Can you get a friend or relative to take it back to the store for you and do as i did.Plonk it on their customer services desk,explain the problem and say they are not leaving until it is fixed.
IF not, under the sale of goods act you are entitled to a total refund.
oh and if it is the monitor,don't accept a reconditioned one either.
p.s.. can someone lend you some pc speakers to try,so that if these work you will know it is the monitor.

  jade25 11:06 29 Jun 2007

Hi ,sorry l didn't get back later last night but was in a lot of pain thanks to pc world.
this morning out of the blue aoc delivered a moniter and the man asked why l was getting a re- con and giving new back so told him and he said there is a lead missing, it should go from back of moniter to pc. So rang up pc world they left me while them went to ask for 29 mins like they do, all school kids and after ages as had to put phone coun't hold it and this young girl said we are going to take it all back incuding tower so l said its only a wire l need and can't get out to get one and jusy said your not and said going to trading standrds which l have been but mine is flooded.
So have just noticed lotvic's answer and have looked all over keyboard for mute button and as never used one l cannot find it am sorry about this but agree it does send you nuts and its a week today now, if it isn't the button, also am using my two year old keyboard as its cream and find black is hard to see.were couldl get the wire,
Why l came Jade Pammy is that l had to re- join, had a battle there as well, ended up emailing web designer as only contact and it was passed to moderater and he cleared it up as couniln't get on and l updated my details so back to Jade

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