re- New AVG problems

  Artylady 13:44 13 Mar 2003

Uninstalled my one week old free AVG and reinstalled it, thisd time it did do a update and said it was a susessful. But my AVG screen still says as before that database is old and out of date. Only thing this time it did download update but why is it still saying out of date on the control panel.
Was wondering if l should do a update from grisoft site as when l had Nortons l had to update from there site. My be Aol problem or could it be Zone alarm which l have installed,

  €dstow 13:56 13 Mar 2003

Where did you get your AVG if it wasn't from their website?

I would think the best, well only, place to get AVG would be from click here

Try removing all traces of AVG and Norton (if any) from your current setup and do a fresh download from the click here.


  Artylady 14:10 13 Mar 2003

I downloaded AVG from Grisoft as was advised to do.
But it told me to dowenload update from the contol screen which is from grisoft which worked but this is my second try at AVG and even though it says l have updated , it still says on AVG screen that database is old and out of date.
That is the same problem l had with AVG before.

  €dstow 14:16 13 Mar 2003

Do you have any remains of old installations of AVG or Norton present? Did you un-install Norton via the correct procedure? If not there will be parts remaining which could interfere with other A/V systems you put in.


  Andÿ 14:24 13 Mar 2003

Check the time/date your PC is set at.

If the month or year is way out it will cause AVG to think it's out of date.

  €dstow 14:25 13 Mar 2003

Good thinking!!


  menorcarob2 14:29 13 Mar 2003

i had this problem and it was due to the date on my computer was set wrongly so if your virus database is say 10/03/2003 and your computer date is set at say 09/03/2003 you will get this error message, to check the date on avg start avg and then click program then swirch to basic, you will then see the release date of your virus database

  Andÿ 14:31 13 Mar 2003


  Artylady 17:04 13 Mar 2003

Have checked AVG and relese date is the 10-3-03 and as date today is 13-3-03 this can't be the problem so am back to the start,

  €dstow 18:06 13 Mar 2003

The date Andÿ is referring to is the one set on your computer.

Check by hovering your mouse over the clock in the right hand corner.


  Artylady 18:36 13 Mar 2003

Thats what l did, hoover over clock and its the 13-3-03 and AVG is 10-3-03,

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