re- McFee V AVG

  Jade 14 G 10:50 23 Feb 2005

Have got new pC and want to use AVG like l always do but there is McFee bunduld with Dell Security centre, have took of McFee but can't undate AVG like before so had to put McFee back on but its bugging me as its poping up screens all the time even thought its updated, it wants you to buy other stuff which l won't do.
Is there any chance for me to have AVG. Also this security centre is buggig me to take of Zone and use windows firewall.

  dazzling 11:47 23 Feb 2005

is it dell security centre or the microsoft one that is on xp with sp2.if its the latter go to control panel>security centre there is an option to monitor the firewall yourself if you select that it wont ask you any can use avg instead of mcaffee but you will need to uninstall mcaffe first then install avg.if it wont update check that zone alarm is allowing it accsess to the dont forget to use avg latest edition as theyve dropped suppourt for avg 6free.darren

  Jade 14 G 12:19 23 Feb 2005

It is Dell security centre not microsoft.
Also you say AVG free 6 has no updates, does that mean none of the free ones don't

  2neat 12:29 23 Feb 2005

Just download the new AVG 7. It has very frequent free updates! I would have used 'McFee' till I had to start paying ;-)

  Technotiger 12:36 23 Feb 2005

Hi, McAfee is good, but it costs - AVG7 is very good and it is free.


  Jade 14 G 12:52 23 Feb 2005

Would rather have avg any day to mcfee as avg doesn't bother you all the time just because it wants you to register or buy some more of its products.
I had windows firwall off but mcfee and microsoft was bugging me with messages about it so have just put it on. I always use Zone, can they work together as after l had switched it on was told then to switch zone of, would rather switch windows firewall but can't seem to do it or it won't let me.
Sorry for all this muddle, it must be the heavy snow were getting here lol

  Technotiger 12:59 23 Feb 2005

Me again - Zone Alarm (Free) is much better than
XP's firewall, if you use ZA then XP firewall should shut itself off automatically.


  Technotiger 13:04 23 Feb 2005

If you do need to switch off XP firewall go to
Start>Control Panel>Security Center then click on Windows Firewall at bottom, then make sure dot is in Off. Don't worry about the (Not Recommended) bit.


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