Re-load Windows-Explorer.exe

  GM 20:33 09 Mar 2005

One of our PCs reported "error explorer.exe" a further message says Re-install Windows. The machine boots up normally showing Windows Me thens reports the error message. We are unable to access anything and the machine then shuts down normally. How do we re-install windows as there is no prompt etc, just a blank screen before shutdown. Scan disk runs but brings up no errors so will we still be able to access our files when we figure out how to reload Windows.

  woodchip 20:38 09 Mar 2005

If the Computer will boot from a CD start the computer with the WindowsME CD and run setup. You will not lose files as it will only overwrite the Windows files. If it will not boot from CD, you need to go into BIOS to set the first boot device to CD NOT FLOPPY or HARD DRIVE they could be after CD. But the CD should be set as the first Drive that Computer looks for

  VoG II 20:40 09 Mar 2005

Set the machine to boot from the CD drive click here

Insert the Windows CD and restart the machine to load ME over the top of itself.

  VoG II 20:41 09 Mar 2005

Great minds ... but one a little slow tonight ;o)

  woodchip 20:47 09 Mar 2005

That's the problem with WinME no SFC, and Restore not worth a cracker

  woodchip 20:48 09 Mar 2005

PS does it have a Scanreg /Restore or would it work with a Win98 floppy

  VoG II 20:52 09 Mar 2005

As far as I remember it does have scanreg /restore.

ME boot disks are available click here but I think that the booting from CD option is the simplest.

  GM 09:15 10 Mar 2005

Thanks for the info. I have changed the boot order to cd first and booted up with the Me disc in drive. The machine booted up and went to the "re-install windows" as before. Is there something I should have done to get to setup for the Me to install over itself, I'm a bit unsure.

  woodchip 18:21 10 Mar 2005

Try this get the Boot discs from above double click the download with a Floppy disc in the Computer. Restart the computer with the floppy, at A:\> type

SCANREG /RESTORE then press enter you will get a list of Registry backups pick the date before you had the problem. Use Arrow key to select then press enter

  GM 20:56 10 Mar 2005

Have dowloaded Me boot disc and started machine with floppy in drive but it does not bring up A:\> it continues to load Me screen and than up comes the Re-load windows message. I cannot understand why I do not see the A prompt.

  woodchip 22:26 10 Mar 2005

Well try it like this, start computer and keep pressing F8 for the safe mode list, choose Prompt then type the above


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