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  Jade 14 G 20:24 01 May 2005

Am thinking about getting a laptop and having been reading the most on the ones that are more portable but with not having one just a lot of pc's need a bit of advice on hot spots. I need a lap top to be as portable as possible.
Could someone explain about these hot spots and do you always have a laptop plugged in as my son keeps telling me but as l know a bit more about pc's am not to sure what he is telling me , so have come to the experts.

  ste_bla 20:45 01 May 2005


Hotspot normally means that there is wireless internet in the area so you can connect to the internet via a wireless card

Notbook is normally like a desktop replacement and normally has desktop CPU (like a P4) and DVD-Rws and needs to be pluged in as has lower battery times and can be a fair weight

Laptop is like a notebook however normally has a Mobile cpu (eg Pentium Mobile) and other power saving items and is lighter to aid transport

  Completealias 20:48 01 May 2005

A hot spot is a wireless connection to the internet in a public place such as a train station.

The battery on your laptop will last for a varying amount of time depending on what you are using it for, Around the 2hrs mark seems about average but if your watching a DVD through it or something like this eg playing a game then it will be a lot shorter.

What do you need the laptop for? You can get some well light laptops now and if you want portable then keep the weight down. As far as other specs go then it will depend on the use you need it for

  Jade 14 G 21:29 01 May 2005

I need it for my work and to carry round, l still have my pc at home but l teach online and when it gets to the summer l seem to be always in so thought this would be the answer but my son keeps saying l will still need it plugged in if l am in the garden. I sound like a real dummie but have only just thought about them,

  woodchip 21:40 01 May 2005

You have to pay to use a hot spot, it can be expensive. as I see you need for work Then you should get a Mobile CPU that will run longer on Battery. This is one up to 3 houres Battey life click here

Also have a look click here

  woodchip 21:42 01 May 2005

To use Internet the Laptop will need to have Wi-Fi built in

  Jade 14 G 22:12 01 May 2005

I loved the Toshiba, l had been looking at another toshiba but this is far better and cheaper.
So if l went for this one, then would l have to buy the extra for extended battery life and would that mean no wires at all. Two to three hours would be enough for me but what is the length of time needed for charging it up.
Thank you for answering these questions, l had spent hours today trying to get answers

  woodchip 22:34 01 May 2005

Best thing to do is to ring Watford, They are a very helpfull lot. They was when I last bought from them.

PS I do not think that The above Computer as a Internet Wi-Fi connection, so you could ask if it could have one fitted I use a wireless Card in a slot but it as to be removed if you go on the road. and just pressed back in when needed. The link say's that up to three hours with that setup.

  woodchip 22:43 01 May 2005

If you buy a Watford own Aries Laptop nearly all get Three year RTB Warranty

PS this I think is even better than the one above it as Wi-Fi and up to three hours and more powerfull CPU click here

Three year RTB Warranty
click here

  Jade 14 G 07:56 02 May 2005

like you l like the last one, need to find the weight so will ring them.
Can't believe the low prices

  Jade 14 G 11:23 02 May 2005

So have l got it right if its got a wi-fi built in l can use it on the internet. As l teach l have students contacting me so l need to be on the internet about two to three hours. Using a wi-fi l will not have to find a hot spot and will not have to have cables on.Is that right.
Also l can charge it up each night. I f this is all right will buy the one you recomended.

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