Re-juvenating Outlook (or MS Office Outlook)

  Diemmess 10:11 30 Aug 2013

Now still using XP SP3. By chance have always used the service provider's mail handler. Originally AOL and latterly Bt Yahoo, Chrome?

Every now and then I am directed to non functioning Outlook demanding a password and showing a screen name long forgotten and probably never used. I am then in a loop which takes some button pushing to break.

Please save my vanishing abilities and patience with a path which will clear the nonsense and allow a working Outlook which can be used but doesn't intrude on my day to day use of Chrome

  Press Man 11:01 30 Aug 2013


Try uninstalling Outlook, then reinstall it. I believe if you go to add/remove programs click on Outlook or MS Office whichever it is, it gives the option to Add or Remove Components/Repair/Remove!

  Woolwell 12:08 30 Aug 2013

Outlook or Outlook Express? If you are not using the program then just delete the account from the program. However the program is probably set as your default email client and if you click on an email link then it will open.

  Diemmess 18:01 01 Sep 2013

Thanks for ideas, which I can follow in principle, but have had no time to deal with what is at the moment just a minor niggle.

  lotvic 20:02 01 Sep 2013

I have found on my XP sp3 pc that every time there is a Windows Update for MS Office 2003, Outlook (office) gets reset as the default email client and I have to open my normal email client (Outlook Express) and remake it the default.

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