Re installing XP Pro

  User-6D9C7ECD-6DDA-4B14-9C396D58713D0EC1 12:51 02 Apr 2004

Afternoon people

I am going to do a fresh install of XP pro on my machine. Various detritus and some dodgy graphic card drivers that won't leave have driven me to this point!!

I have only ever loaded on to blank Hard drive, any tips for formatting and starting again??

I presume i change the boot sequence from :A to :D from BIOS? It's and MSI board.

Is there a need to wipr disk first, or it easier to let XP pro take care of format etc itself? Also whats the difference between a quicj format and a full format??

  Lozzy 13:07 02 Apr 2004

1st Back up all data thyen insert the XP CD and Boot the PC into the cd rom making sure your Bios is set to 1st boot sequence is the cd rom follow the on screen wizard and do a full Format with my recomondation of using the NTFS file system..

Cheers Lozzy

Already backed everything up, that would have been a bit of a disaster :)

Just thought, my mouse is an optical USB one, i need a hard wire one dont I for the install?

All seems quiet straight forward....last words of a man about to screw something up!

  slimbo51 14:52 02 Apr 2004

I use an optical mouse on re-installs with no problems, so should be ok I would have thought.

Just mention mine is a full re-install not an overwrite or repair disk setup.

The drivers for mouse load at first stage of install.

  xania 15:26 02 Apr 2004

Another word of warning. Check that you have all your hardware drivers to hand before you start.

Thanks everyone,

Am going to do it this evening so will report back with results. No message will mean a frustrated Duncan sitting there with a blanh screen!!

Going to close the thread now, though will check before starting for any more usefull tips!!

  Totally-braindead 15:48 02 Apr 2004

I wouldn't worry about it too much Galliano since you've installed an operating system before from what you've said. Do do a format before you do an install,the options on the Windows XP disk if you boot from it, I didn't and ended up with bit and pieces of programs all over the place. Not a major problem really as I just booted from the CD again, formatted and did a clean install, only hassle was the time it took. Do remember to write down any website addresses and email addresses before you start though.

Well, still have not done the job as ended up going out for curry with friends and not making it home till 12 today :)

All done, only problem was on install started missing some files, ejecyed to CD to find a small blob of butter on it :) That will teach me to have toast whilst at the computer!1

Cheers for help everyone.

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