Re-installing XP home on new computer

  golfpro 09:23 06 Oct 2004

I have read somewhere that my current original copy of XP home edition could be re-installed onto a new computer I am about to buy. I have the original CD and key code number. Is this possible?

  OwenLotts 09:27 06 Oct 2004

Only if you remove it from the old PC and it is a full retail copy. If it is an OEM copy that came with the PC then that copy dies with the old PC and you must buy a new one for the new PC.

  rawprawn 09:28 06 Oct 2004

Are you leaving the XP on your old computer ? if so I think it is illegal, and I am not sure of the position if you take XP off your old computer.

  Noelg23 09:35 06 Oct 2004

I read on another thread that after 3 months if you have an OEM version you can install it on another PC...but I think it would need to uninstalled off the first PC first...I think...I maybe wrong tho...

  golfpro 10:10 06 Oct 2004

It is a full retail copy, and not a preinstalled version with a recovery CD, as supplied with some PC's. I will of course uninstall the present copy, as the person who is buying my old PC wants the German version, mine is English. Where do I get the info on this?

  Noelg23 10:33 06 Oct 2004

go to a German should be able to change the language whilst installing it to German...but if he wants a German I would suggest get it from a German site of some sort...but I know with Windows you can change it to any language you shouldnt be a problem really...

  961 10:59 06 Oct 2004

Your full retail copy can be installed on your new computer. Some computer makers will install Windows for you if you advise them of the key of your copy of windows. Otherwise you will need to buy a computer without an operating system and install it yourself. This can be difficult if you have a problem with the computer as the manufacturer may claim the computer is ok but your installation with the correct drivers etc is not

You will obviously want to back up your existing files and documents and the Microsoft site will tell you how to transfer the data to your new computer

The existing computer must then have the operating system removed and the buyer must buy and install his own operating system

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