Re-Installing XP Home

  [DELETED] 10:17 12 Sep 2003

I have a shop supplied system running XP Home SP1, I dont have the original CD Rom but have got 6 floppies from microsofts download site that I copied y'day, can I use these to re-install XP Home, what about a product key?

  [DELETED] 10:25 12 Sep 2003

the key is usually printed on a label stuck on your m/c


  [DELETED] 10:28 12 Sep 2003

These disks are Startup disks only for XP not the actual program.. Go back to where you got the system and ask them for an original XP CD.

  [DELETED] 10:30 12 Sep 2003

I have the key, but if the original cd rom is (say) 5oomb how can 6 floppies (say) 8mb install XP Operating System..... can it do that before I make the leap and start these floppies, thanks.

  [DELETED] 12:24 12 Sep 2003

As Lozzy said, those floppies are only for start up in case you can't boot from cd. You'll need a recovery cd or full version that might/might not have come with your system when you purchased it. It you don't have one then you should contact the company you bought your system from.

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