Re-installing Windows98SE

  pppc 01:02 13 Aug 2003

I am planning a full re-installation of W98SE - reformat the drive and reload Windows etc. I did once do a W95 machine but with help available on the end of the phone. It was a long time ago and I cannot find my notes. I am a somewhat nervous about it. Does anyone know of any guidance/advice documentation available on the Net, particularly on the initial, reformat the hard drive, stage??

  Gandalph 01:06 13 Aug 2003

Here are some notes I made on what you may need. I hope they are what you are looking for. Cheers,:-)

I take it you can no longer use this computer so the only way forward is to format and do a clean install. for this you will need a windows start-up disk (floppy).
if you have a start-up disk respond and i will explain how to format your computer and re-install windows.

if not you will have to use your wifes laptop (as long as she is using win98 too, if not

go to "start/control panel/add remove programs", click the start up disk tab at the top and click create start up floppy, follow the on-screen instructions

Here goes,


Reboot your computer with the startup floppy disk in,when you get the boot menu options choose "start without cdrom support"

this will create a virtual drive which will probably be drive D:

At this point if you type D: & press enter the prompt will change to D:> type "format c:" dont forget the space between format and c:, press enter then wait. once the format is complete, press enter to complete the format


reboot your computer with the startup floppy disk and your windows98 cd rom in the drives, when you get the boot menu options choose "start WITH cdrom support"

once it has finished loading

your cd will be drive E:

at the prompt A:>

type E: & press enter

the prompt should change to E:>

then type setup & press enter

this should start the windows98 setup

this will ONLY work with a Full windows98 disc, it will NOT work if your windows98 cd is an upgrade.

Have you checked that the cd is not dirty. if it is clean it and try again (to clean the disc GENTLY wipe with a soft tissue in a circular motion round the disc) do not use any liquid cleaners.

if you have a problem post back and we will try to help again

  Djohn 01:07 13 Aug 2003

click here click here Have a read of these two sites, do a print-off for future use. If you need more advice, please post back on this thread. j.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:08 13 Aug 2003

click here and boot disks are free from click here


  Djohn 01:08 13 Aug 2003

Or just follow the good advice from Gandalph. :o)

  Djohn 01:09 13 Aug 2003

And GANDALF <|:-)> :o)

  Djohn 01:11 13 Aug 2003

It's happend again GANDALF <|:-)>. Your username has come up as below!

email to GANDALF <|:-)>" src="discuss/images/mailto.gif" width=14 border=0> GANDALF <|:-)>

  pppc 07:16 13 Aug 2003

Gandalph - Many thanks - just what I was wanting.
I'll now go away and read up my prints and then test my boot disk (Ihadn't thought of that).
One funny - the second 'Click here' link would not work but I right-clicked, looked at the Properties, copied and pasted the address and went there without difficulty.

And I seem to have lost my Norton AV disc. I've downloaded AVG and it seems to work fine, but someone suggested it ain't no good with W98 - has anyone any experience of this combination???????/

I shall be back


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