re- installing windows xp

  mermaid25 14:07 05 Apr 2010

my daughter has a problem on laptop. any program she tries to open shows either:
application not found C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe
or: choose program to open this file.

I cannot open most programs, although wierdly , when it says 'windows can go online to look for a program to open this file' we can get internet explorer open.

I have come to the conclusion that a reinstall of windows is the best thing as my knowledge and time to try and fix this is limited.

But....she has left ( we hope!) her reinstallion discs and drivers at uni.

so my question is: can i use my discs from my laptop( we have exactly the same model bought at the same time, although she has had a hew hard disk replaced under warranty last september.) to reinstall windows on her laptop.
many thanks

  birdface 14:14 05 Apr 2010

Does Tapping F10 at start up give her the oppertunity of doing a Factory restore.

  mermaid25 14:33 05 Apr 2010

F10 does nothing, windows starts normally.

  northumbria61 14:35 05 Apr 2010

Try this first -

Using Windows Explorer, try navigating to \Windows\System32, right-click on cmd.exe and choose Open. If that fails try using the program Now type assoc .exe=exefile and press Enter. You may have to restart the computer.

Run MBAM afterwards.

  mermaid25 14:43 05 Apr 2010

whilst i was waiting for replies, I tapped F8 and tried going back to lasy known good configuration, but doesn't seem to have mad e difference.

I couldn't open windows explorer to try the other suggestion.

  ronalddonald 14:45 05 Apr 2010

you save all files to an external drive, if yes do that 1st then insert then windows xp disk restart and press f8. You should be able to reinstall widows xp just follow the installation instructions.

  ronalddonald 14:47 05 Apr 2010

have reinstalled xp load up the drivers from the cd that came with the laptop, then copy the files form the external drive

  mermaid25 14:50 05 Apr 2010

that was what i was aiming to do but as i said in my OP, i only have my installation discs , can i use them. she has her own product key.

  lotvic 15:29 05 Apr 2010

On the face of it Yes you should be able to use your discs if the laptops are identical.

What make and model of laptop? So we can read the manual for that model.

Do your installation discs contain XP or are they just to access a Hidden Restore Partition? (which may no longer exist on daughters laptop after a new HDD was installed)

I suggest you first read the manual for instructions on a reinstall.

You also should make a note of the Product key that is in use now - it may be different to the one on base of laptop Use SIW (freeware) click here it is a standalone program (that means it does not install itself in C:\Programs on harddrive so no uninstall is ever required)
It is easy to use as it displays a file tree structure similar to Windows Explorer

This will tell you if when new HDD was fitted they used OEM product key (pre-activated install) or the product key on base of laptop which will require activation.

  Strawballs 15:52 05 Apr 2010

If you use your disc to do a repair install it will replace all lost or corrupt files without loosing any data.

click here

  mermaid25 15:52 05 Apr 2010

the laptops are both Dell Inspiron 6400.

i can't download SIW on her laptop as it cannot open it .
works fine on mine.

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