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  Hrosir 17:18 19 Oct 2011

I recently had to repair my windows Vista installation following system crash. I tried the repair option but this did not resolve the problem and I tried running chkdsk with the same result. Each time the pc boots it loads briefly, blue screen then attempts to reboot again ad infinitum. Having a new disk handy I reinstalled Vista on to the new drive and made this the new boot drive thereby bypassing the faulty op system, As I expected the pc booted up with no problems. However, most of my programmes are still on the old disk, and I cannot acess them. My question is this; will I be able to delete the windows installation on my original drive, then reistall it thus letting me use my progs as before? I dont want to delete my progs as I no longer have the install disks, Finally as things stand, Microsoft wont let me register my Vista install as it is still finding the original install drive?

  BRYNIT 17:39 19 Oct 2011

As installed programs are connected to the registry deleting windows will not help you will still loose the programs.

If you can boot into safe mode you could try doing a Vista upgrade Click Here for some info.

The problem could be the hard drive. You could try cloning Vista onto a clean drive and then try using the repair option.

  Hrosir 19:25 25 Oct 2011

If as you say, progs. are linked to the registry, wouldnt that be the same as reinstalling windows on the same drive. Nothing will have changed, only replacing a faulty windows installation? Could I register my windows key if I disconnected the old drive, thereby not showing the original drive in use?

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