Re-installing Win98

  mbc 21:27 26 Jun 2006

Please don't laugh, yes it is 98. A pal is still using 98 on a Time machine, that is a PC made by "Time"-not a Tardis!! Anyway, he has asked me to re-install Win98 using a genuine, paid for copy of the OS. The problem I have is that there must be a hidden partion for recovery purposes. I have run Fdisk and partioned the hard drive, but when I try to run setup, the hidden partion kicks in and tries to run the repair etc options using the original disc (which has been damaged). How can I get rid of this so that I can re-install using the new copy of the OS?

  DieSse 21:51 26 Jun 2006

Run killdisk click here this will erase the whole drive. You can then fdisk and format it as you wish.

  mbc 00:56 27 Jun 2006

Sorry DieSse, but this has not worked. Has anyone else a suggestion?

  Strawballs 00:59 27 Jun 2006

For the cost of new hard drives now it might be easier to by a new one click here

  mbc 12:11 27 Jun 2006

Good suggestion, rawballs, this was my first reaction. However, it's not my cash. Anyone else? This must be a problem someone has encountered.

  dth 12:42 27 Jun 2006

Can you not use fdisk to delete the partition or if necessary delete the partition table

  DieSse 16:28 27 Jun 2006

I don't think it can't work - it removes all traces of files, partitions - everything - from the drive.

What actually happened when you ran it?

  DieSse 16:30 27 Jun 2006

What make is the hard drive? - and what capoacity is it labelled? (actually labelled, not what you see by software).

  DieSse 16:31 27 Jun 2006

Another thought - you're not using the original Time start-up floppy are you? - it may be this that's attempting to do the repair.

  Terry Brown 16:45 27 Jun 2006

If you need a Win98 boot disk (floppy),Email me (yellow envelope), and I will email you a zipped copy of the disk

  mbc 17:50 27 Jun 2006

Thanks for your interest guys (and dolls?), have run Fdisk using Win98 boot floppy, partitioned and formatted in the usual way. Then tried Killdisk, which appeared to wipe everything. It even wiped the hidden partion containing the backup software. Every time I try to run setup from the new Win98 disc, the same message appears trying to force the original backup restore procedure upon me. Definitely something tucked away that Killdisc and Fdisk cannot clear. Damn you "Time".

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