Re-Installing Win XP Pro

  Phil930 02:25 12 Aug 2004

Moving countires, have to do a reinstall when i arrive at destination (UK from USA).

My XP Pro is version incl SP1a. Now, after this normally i would have to do all the windows update and download about 30mb of stuff. As i am going back to dial up this is kind of painful.

My question is does SP2 contain these files, therefore if i install SP2 as soon as windows boots and drivers are in will i have 0 updates to do?

I am currently using SP2 and encountered no problems and am impressed with the small changes. I'm just trying to save myself time once in the UK.

I have SP2 already downloaded on my slave drive.

  BeForU 02:28 12 Aug 2004

Yes SP2 includes all the updates within SP1, which why the file size is like 266mbs. So it means you can just use this straight away.

  Djohn 02:36 12 Aug 2004

The SP2 you have on your slave drive should bring you back up to date from SP1a without any further downloads. If they are required, they can be obtained free on a CD from Microsoft UK. Tel: 0870 60 10 100

  Djohn 02:39 12 Aug 2004

Sorry, I posted without refreshing and missed your reply.

Just checked the M/S site and they have stopped issuing the update CD as SP2 replaces all previous versions of hotfixes. j.

  Chegs ® 02:40 12 Aug 2004

Once you have installed SP-2,there is a couple of very small updates go on after,(I think)I installed SP-2,had a play,then formatted my drive a few hours later(all done in the middle of the night,so I'm a bit hazy as I have slept

  Phil930 02:49 12 Aug 2004

thanks for the rapid responses, i thought this.

DJohn, i was ready for my move! i ordered that CD about 6 weeks ago as i knew i was going to dial up and at that time had an original windows with SP1a.

thanks guys

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