Re-installing the whole system

  nuhim172 17:59 05 Nov 2004

i was helping my freind reintall his PC. he has a windows XP profission but brought the PC in 1998 with the windows 95 then. i tried to restall the PC but after selecting the XP professional setup option it went on to say
windows root>/system32/hal.dll file was missing what dos this mean and how can i reinstall his PC.

thank you

  sortof 19:05 05 Nov 2004

I don't know why it should say that after you just chose setup; maybe you should manually format your hdd then reinstall XP on a clean hdd. Download a Win 98 startup disk from click here then restart the PC with that and at A prompt type format C: - press enter. You need a full version of XP to do this and not upgrade though.

  Michendi 19:11 05 Nov 2004

You want to install XP Pro on a 6-year old PC? That is very brave!! Have you run the Microsoft XP Compatibility utility? If not I suggest that you run it once you have got the system up and running again on W95/W98. Good luck.

  VoG II 19:14 05 Nov 2004
  sortof 19:16 05 Nov 2004

Maybe I misunderstood...has that PC never had XP installed on it? XP needs 300mhz cpu, 128mb RAM (min 64mb), and 1.5GB hdd space. Do you have all that?

  nuhim172 20:46 05 Nov 2004

first it had windows 95, then he upgraded it to windows 98 and then he upgared it to XP professional, which is still his present system. His computer was gettin slow because he had too many music files so we decided to install a fresh cop of XP professional, but it came up with the message above we could not do anything.

  nuhim172 20:46 05 Nov 2004

he had a 20GB computer and has 60% memory left.

  Mozarella 21:39 05 Nov 2004

You left a `click here` for nuhim 172 that included a section entitled Windows XP from A to Z. All we get is ~D~, any chance of a couple of `click heres` for ~A~ to ~C~ and ~E to Z~. Much appreciated.

  josie mayhem 22:28 05 Nov 2004

Could the problem be that because he has up-graded as he went along, are you using an up-grade disk or a full copy?

Could be that you have to install win95 and then up-grade to win98 ect. I assume this would then keep all required drivers ect intact has you go through the process.

As I imagine that that as microsoft has improved it's os systems then older drivers have been dropped assumimg that with the different os system you've also upgrade your kit?

  nuhim172 22:40 05 Nov 2004

no i dont think i has, no graphic card ect, what do you mean by os system??
he has got a relatiely new hard drive 2 years old i think.

  nuhim172 22:40 05 Nov 2004

no i dont think he has, no graphic card ect, what do you mean by os system??
he has got a relatiely new hard drive 2 years old i think.

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