Re-installing Ubuntu

  ned3110 17:13 25 Apr 2010

Hi all

A little while ago I did a clean install of Windows. I did have Ubuntu on the drive too but noticed that this did not get written over as there was an un accessable space on the drive after installation of Windows. I wish to use Ubuntu again and would like to be able to access it, is there any way I can do this?

Please help

  woodchip 17:51 25 Apr 2010

If you download a Free Boot Manager it should pick Windows and Ubuntu up click here

PS I use Aronis on my Dual boot comp

  woodchip 17:52 25 Apr 2010

Acronis is only a Free trial

  LastChip 18:02 25 Apr 2010

I think what has happened is this:

When you installed Ubuntu, it would have overwritten your boot sector, probably using GRUB as a boot loader. This would give you the capability to select whichever system you wanted to use. Linux (Ubuntu) has the capability of seeing Windows file systems, but Windows cannot see Linux (only via SAMBA).

So, when you reinstalled Windows, it again overwrote your boot sector, making itself operable, but, because it can't see Linux systems, simply ignored your Ubuntu installation. As a result, you have now lost the capability of using Ubuntu.

There are a couple of ways you can overcome the problem and it depends upon whether you have any data in your Ubuntu Home files that you need to retain.

If you don't, simply reinstall Ubuntu and it should pick up the installations and give you a dual boot option. Just make sure, you know where you are reinstalling to.

Or, simply reinstall GRUB. click here for a tutorial on how to do that. It looks a little intimidating, but in reality, if you read through it first, is actually quite straight forward.

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