Re-installing on a Compaq

  Quilljar 09:02 16 Jun 2005

I am trying to re-install windows 98 for a friend on an old (6yrs) Compaq machine. It will not respond to either its own Quick restore discs or another Win 98 disc. I have formatted the HD but it keeps giving messages to the effect that it is unable to install Windows. Is there something special about Compaq computers or have I got a corrupted disc? One thing ssurrprises me it is a very small HD, only 1.8Gb!
Would the exiisting motherboard be likely to work with another HD?

  dan11 10:55 16 Jun 2005

1.8 gig is very small, even for a machine 6 years old.

Because you have formatted the drive, you will be unable to run some diagnostic software, to give the motherboard make and model.

Two things would be worth doing.

1) to take the hard drive out and list the serial number of it.

2) From a win98 startup floppy disk, enter fdisk. Make sure the "y" is selected for enabling large disk support. The pick option 4. This will give details of the disk and any partitions or unused space. It may be that some one has fdisked the drive and not enabled large disk support. This would limit the disk to just under 2.0 gig ( around 1.8gig, does it ring bells? )lol

ps. Do you know the model number of the compaq

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