Re- installing a backup

  tonyx1302 12:13 03 Aug 2005

I have recently done my first back to an external HD and all went okay. I now find that I have deleted a very important letter that I had saved in current workings in 'my docs'.I am now praying that it is on my backup. I have tried a restore but it doesn't go back before I deleted the letter in error.
Can I re-install just part of the backup I have made, as I don't need to do a complete re-install as the letter will be in the 'my docs' section I hope.
How do I go about re- installing please and can I just re- install my docs.
I have also made a floppy with Windows Auto Rec. System as instructed when backing up.

Hopefully someone out there can say me from having a nervous breakdown.
Any suggests would be VERY gratefully received I promise you


  Diodorus Siculus 12:24 03 Aug 2005

What program did you use to backup?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:26 03 Aug 2005

IF XP backup:

Back Up and Recover Your Information
click here

  tonyx1302 13:00 03 Aug 2005

Thanks for your speedy response. Unfortunatly I am a little gonfused now as I don't know why I need to go to MS Backup & rec. as per your post.I used a newly brought external data system and backed up everything on my pc. After b/up it told me to insert a floppy to give me a Windows Auto System Rec disk which I did.
As far as I am now aware I have everything copied onto my backup but don't know how to transfer the info back onto my pc as this is a whole new area to me. I really want to do is re-install My Docs from the backup I have taken if thats poss without having to r/install everything that I, have copied

Hoping I have confused the issue and that I have explained myself okay


  tonyx1302 13:03 03 Aug 2005

Not 'gonfused' and hoping I 'haven't'confused.
Must slow down typing when sending an answer and check what I have written


  DieSse 13:32 03 Aug 2005

"backed up everything on my pc"

How you recover something depends on how you backed it up - so what program did you use to back it up, please.

  tonyx1302 13:36 03 Aug 2005

I am on XP and i just connected up my ext Hd which brought up a wizard screen and then did as instructed.

Is this right?


  Diodorus Siculus 13:39 03 Aug 2005

That is why I asked what you used to back up the system :-)

IF you simply copied over the data, it should be easy to use windows explorer to find it.

  tonyx1302 13:43 03 Aug 2005

Thanks Diodorus Siculus. Sorry I miss understood your earlier post.


  DieSse 14:52 03 Aug 2005

"I am on XP and i just connected up my ext Hd which brought up a wizard screen"

This wouldn't normally happen when you connect up a simple external hard drive - so what did you connect up - is it a special device - can you please give the details of exactly what it is.

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