Re-Installing Address Book

  Sapins 15:27 11 Jan 2003
  Sapins 15:27 11 Jan 2003

I have saved the address book from IncrediMail to a CDR using Nero Burning and now I want to reinstall it. How do I do this? I have found the “file” on the CDR but when I open it, it is all in code! I would like to put the address book back into Outlook Express as well because I’m thinking of giving up on IncrediMail, I’m getting too many “Illegal Operation” messages!

  exodus 15:59 11 Jan 2003

The Outlook Express address book is linked to the Windows Address Book (wab file) If you open Windows address book it can be saved as an export file in various formats. If you have MS Excel installed, then the best format is a csv file.
Which did you use.
Have not used incredimail so I cannot help you there.

  Sapins 16:06 11 Jan 2003

Hi exodus. I just navigated to the address book file via "C"-Windows-Application folder-Microsoft-Address Book, and dragged the file with the symbol of an address book and dropped it onto the left pane in Nero! Looks like I've not used the correct procedure!!! If this is the case can you tell me, simply, how to save it in future please.

  exodus 16:23 11 Jan 2003

That folder is your identity for the address book but it does not keep all the data you insert. I think you will have to restart a new Windows Address Book and re enter all your data. To export, open Address Book/File/Export/WAB and save to the location you want and then the format you wish to save it. I found csv (comma separated values) best for me but try several and see which you can open and import back.
Your mistake was easy to make......been there/done that.

  BRYNIT 16:32 11 Jan 2003

Try dragging it back into the same folder on your C: drive. Open program if it does not open go to file/open find file. If this does not work try inport/export. ddue to the way you copied it to your CD/R the file may be corrupt.

remember to backup any file b4 Overwriting.

  Sapins 16:55 11 Jan 2003

Hi BRYNIT, can't drag it back in, get a message "cannot open address book"
Sod's law has been at work, one address was from a niece in Oz who I have never seen for 32 yrs.I was just replying to her. I think (hope) I can get her address. Thanks both of you for your help. Regards Sapins.

  dth 17:20 11 Jan 2003

you have copied to correct folder for the address folder. what you need to do is copy it from the cdr to your desktop. then right click on the icon and select properties - take the tick out of 'read only'. click to apply and then press ok. open outlook express / select file / then import / then address book and then tab to the file on your desktop and click ok

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