Re-installed windows, how do I stop iPod sync ?

  setecio 19:43 04 Aug 2008

After re-installing windows, I don't want to spend hours transfering all my CDs again. The iPod was set to sync with iTunes. What I am worried about is when I plug it in it will sync with iTunes but because iTunes now has nothing in it, all my iPod music will disappear.

How can I turn off the auto-sync ?
(I know usually you can do it from iTunes but I'm worried about it wiping the music before I can get to the setting via iTunes.)

  Miké 20:16 04 Aug 2008

In iTunes goto Preferences/Syncing and tick 'Disable automatic syncing for all iPods'.

I have to say though, why on earth didn't you backup up your iTunes music?

  john bunyan 23:22 04 Aug 2008

setecio. See other thread re transfering iPod tunes to new computer. click here

  setecio 07:15 05 Aug 2008

OK thanks.

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