Re-installed W98se, now can't install accessories.

  andyloran 15:06 29 Sep 2004

Due to the dreaded uninstall of Norton, I messed up and had to reinstall windows 98se, one or two things now don't work properly. The one I miss most is 'Quick View'. I used to be able to see thumbnails of files or details; date size etc, when passing my cursor over the file. Now nothing. I have tried to enable it in 'install/uninstall' but it told me to insert my disc which I did but it still will not insert. It says not found. There must be an easy way that I am just too dumb to see. Please help.

  stupidhead 13:09 30 Sep 2004

Have a look here....hope it helps

click here

  Graham ® 13:54 30 Sep 2004

It can be tricky adding Windows components in 98. You have to surprise it!

Wait for the CD to spin up and quickly press OK. It might take a few tries, but it should work in the end.

If the CD is not spinning up, locate the drive in Device Manager, Properties, Settings, select Auto insert notification.

  Graham ® 14:23 30 Sep 2004

Just trying things on my 98. Don't click 'Have Disk', click Apply with the CD in the drive.

  andyloran 14:30 30 Sep 2004

Thanks chaps. I kept clicking apply when the cd was in and it worked. It has accepted it, but it still doesnt work when I pass the cursor over, say, a picture. It used to show the value of any file in the left of the screen, time etc, and a thumbnail of the photo. now nothing.

  Wak 14:48 30 Sep 2004

Are you sure that it was Quickview that did all this?
I have Quickview in Win98SE and it only appears in the Right Click menu and then it only opens the Document or shows the picture in full.
No time, size or thumbnail on my screen.

  andyloran 21:13 30 Sep 2004

I really am not sure what it was but it doesn't do it now. Does anyone know what it was that did it?

  Graham ® 10:48 01 Oct 2004

I think I know what it is. In XP, Folder Options, View, Show pop-up description of folders and desktop items.

I haven't found how to do it on my 98 yet. Try right clicking the desktop and select Active desktop.

When you hover over the time, you should get the date.

  Graham ® 11:46 01 Oct 2004

To get to Folder Options in 98, Start, Settings, then same as XP.

  pj123 16:33 01 Oct 2004

Not the answer I know, but have you tried Irfanview free from click here will do everything you want.

  andyloran 17:08 01 Oct 2004

When I hover over the time in the bottom rt corner it does show the date. I have been into folder options and the box for pop up descriptions was already ticked. I really don't know what is missing as it was working propertly for years.

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