Re-installation of win 7 problem

  Blubottle 13:49 03 Jan 2019

Hi, I have been given a laptop to sort out, a Dell Inspiron 1545, it has been formatted. Trying to install from a Win 7 instalation disk will not work. “Cannot install to this disk the selected disk is of the GPT partition Style” is the displayed message. Some help and advice please.

  alanrwood 13:59 03 Jan 2019

Try reformatting the drive in NTSC instead of GPT.

  alanrwood 14:00 03 Jan 2019

Sorry meant NTFS not NTSC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:24 03 Jan 2019

can you get to command prompt from your win 7 DVD?

  1. Type “diskpart.exe” and click “Enter”.

  2. “list disk” and click "Enter”

  3. type “select disk n” (n is the number of the disk you want to clean)

  4. Type “clean”

  5. Type “select disk n” (n is the number of the disk you want to convert)

  6. Type “convert mbr”

  7. Type “exit”

  Blubottle 08:55 05 Jan 2019

Hi, I cannot get a command prompt. All I get is a blank screen so I cant re-format,

  alanrwood 10:32 05 Jan 2019

Have you tried reformatting with the install disk. When the install location is asked for there is a choice to reformat in blue text underneath the table presented.

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