Re-installation advice please

  JOHN232 11:34 31 Oct 2010

I've got a 12months old desktop, Acer Aspire AX1300. It was pre loaded with Vista Home Premium. No disk available either from MS or my own back-up. Product key is on the pc.

It has crashed on me big style, intially kept taking me to the 'crash dump screen'. Followed advice and tried a factory restore. Kept on getting as far as 10% and then appeared to get stuck. Eventually got a message 'restore failed - reason 0xd000000d' click ok to start computer'.

Please bear with me because I'm not very experienced with pc's. I need advice on a few issues.

1. I'm presuming that the only option now is to re-install. Can I re-install vista by obtaining another disk or is the problem that I've encountered likely to reoccur when I reinstall?

2.Is re-installing vista something that I, as a relative novice, could carry out?

3.If re-installing is the answer, then where would be the best place to get the disk from and what exactly do I need. I'm sure that I've read on here somewhere that you can buy a back-up disk to use with the product key that is on my computer. Hope that makes sense. I am hoping to do it on the cheap!!

  onthelimit 11:44 31 Oct 2010

You can reinstall using another Vista disc. Either borrow one or get one from ebay.

Installing it is easy - the only slightly tricky aspect is getting the correct drivers for the laptop. Windows will have its own for many of the items, but you may have to do a bit of searching for things like the built-in camera (if it has one). Manufacturers websites can usually help. Once the laptop is running again and has internet access, a program like SIW will help determine what hardware is installed.

  JOHN232 11:50 31 Oct 2010

I've seen a few items described as follows on ebay....'Windows Boot Disk PC Laptop Repair Recovery CD XP Vista'. Is that the sort of thing I'm looking for?

  GaT7 11:57 31 Oct 2010

No, you'll need an original & full install disc. A related eBay search click here. Possibly expensive, but sometimes you find people selling the original disc only (without the licence key) & these can be much cheaper.

Also, as it came pre-installed, it's most likely an OEM version (as against 'full retail') & this is what you'll need too. G

  Gongoozler 12:02 31 Oct 2010

It sounds like the recovery partition on your hard drive is corrupted. I think you can buy a recovery cd from Acer.

If you use a standard Vista cd, go to the Acer website for the drivers click here.

  chub_tor 12:03 31 Oct 2010

You could try a restore disk from click here

  birdface 12:03 31 Oct 2010

Is it over 12 months old or just under if so maybe get it fixed under warranty.

  JOHN232 12:04 31 Oct 2010

So, just to get this straight. If I buy a correct disc, Home Premium and OEM version. I can use that to reinstall with my product key can I? What if a product key is included with the disc, do I then have the choice of using that key, or the one on my pc sticker?

  GaT7 12:09 31 Oct 2010

"I can use that to reinstall with my product key can I?"


"What if a product key is included with the disc, do I then have the choice of using that key, or the one on my pc sticker?"

Yes, you can use either. You can also use your newly acquired key on another PC/laptop, while using the original key on your laptop. G

  GaT7 12:11 31 Oct 2010

As has already been mentioned, you can also borrow a Vista Home Premium disc (from a friend/relative/neighbour) & use that to reinstall with the product key on your laptop. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:19 31 Oct 2010

Try formatting the c: drive and then retry the factory reset

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