re-install xp

  jerryj 11:23 06 Jul 2003

My computer crashed and would not start, i managed to get it going but then still alot of the progams would not work, so i tried to re-install windows xp on top of the old version just so that i could get all my files coppied so that i could start from scratch. All was going well until with about 15 minuites to go the computer keeps restarting from about 40 minuites to go. I have tried this about 6 times with no success.

  Willow12 11:25 06 Jul 2003

Can you be a bit more specific on the nature of the system crash (error messages etc), and whether any error messages are displayed when XP fails to reinstall.

  jerryj 11:41 06 Jul 2003

i had a corrutp file windows\system32\config\system. I got out of that by going to the recovery console. There are no error messages it just restarts on its own.

  -pops- 11:48 06 Jul 2003

The error you are getting is often associated with the IDE cable to your hard drive either:

1. being inserted back to front or

2. is a 40 conductor cable when what is needed is an 80 conductor cable or

3. the jumpers on the drive are not set correctly or

4. the drive is on the wrong connector on the cable (middle connector rather than the end one).

Do any of those apply?


  jerryj 11:53 06 Jul 2003

The computer has been working for quite a while now. My system uses raid 0 and i have 2 80 leads from the ide connectors

  -pops- 13:37 06 Jul 2003

At the beginning of XP install there is an instruction to install any RAID and SCSI drivers before proceeding. Did you do this?

  jerryj 14:37 06 Jul 2003


  Willow12 14:46 06 Jul 2003

It is possible that you have a memory issue. I had a similar problem relating to system32 file which ended up being a memory problem. Check to make sure that the RAM is fully into its slot (by taking it out and reinserting would be the best way to do this).

  -pops- 14:53 06 Jul 2003

Continuing Willow12's suggestion, if you have more than one stick of memory, take extra sticks out and just leave one. Check at bootup that the memory remaining is all present and correct. Even if you only have one stick, it is as well to check at POST to ensure it is all there.

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