re-install windows vista

  donmar 11:53 09 Nov 2007

System restore has stopped working and I would like to re-instal vista without losing everything else.
I have a disc that came with the machine.

How can I do this please?

  ambra4 13:15 09 Nov 2007
  woodchip 13:44 09 Nov 2007

What machine? if it a HP then pressing F11 with the Backup cd in at start up, it should reload back to Factory settings and save a backup of your own stuff. in a backup file in windows explorer

  skidzy 14:19 09 Nov 2007

If Vista came preinstalled on the machine,its possible you may have a recovery/restore program either via safemode or F11 or F10.

If you boot into safemode (tapping f8 on startup) you should be given the options such as

Restore to factory settings (destructive)
Repair Vista without data loss
Recover retaining al settings and data.

These options may vary though.

Alternatively,try tapping F11 0r F10 on startup,this may boot into a hidden recovery/restore partition that will enable you to follow through the above procedure with the options.

Failing that,Ambra's advice to repair from disc will be the way to go.

  woodchip 14:27 09 Nov 2007

Do not want hijack this thread but just wanted to let you know that the Wireless on this new XP laptop was switching of, because of Power Management in Device Manager under Network devices I disabled it by removing tick in box. And It will now run on just the battery but not reach as fare as the PCMCIA 3Com card so I may still use that when I go away

  skidzy 15:35 09 Nov 2007

Hiya Woody.

The same thing here and seems to have cured my router and network drop outs.

Are you saying the pcmcia card will not pick up the signal if disconnected from the mains ?

If you prefer Woody,contact me via email.

sorry do not mean to hijack your thread.

  donmar 18:50 09 Nov 2007

Thank you all and your welcome skidzy.
I tried re-installing windows from the disc but it offered no options but install. I did this and it installed windows but wiped everything else.
So I installed a ghost backup I made earlier so all is ok EXCEPT sys restore still does not work. I will try the other options suggested on the Eversham machine which did come preinstalled with Vista.
Thanks a lot.

  Probabilitydrive 19:06 09 Nov 2007

Hypno, I recently installed Vista from an ACRONIS back-up and system restore was not also not available afterwards.

I managed to get it back by going into system protection

type 'system' into the search window > click 'system'
> left hand side 'system protection' and make sure your C-drive is ticked OS_INSTALL (C) (system)

That enabled system restore for me. Long shot but it worked for me.

  woodchip 19:08 09 Nov 2007

It must have not been working when you created the image

  woodchip 19:08 09 Nov 2007

Norton can also stop it working

  donmar 19:40 10 Nov 2007

Tried all that and nothing works. Guess I have to cope without Sys.Restore. Thank you all for your help.

BTW can anyone tell me why I can't get into this site but with AOL but have no trouble with other Browsers?

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