Re install Windows ME

  Newuser4343 10:57 18 Dec 2004

To VoG/Kegger please see my earlier posting 17/12/2004 which has been updated anyone else who can help please do same THANKS

  VoG II 11:02 18 Dec 2004

Previous thread click here

Yes, I would suggest that you run setup.exe from the Windows CD. This should do an over the top installation.

  Kegger 11:06 18 Dec 2004

click here this will give a massive overview of your vmm32. vxd issue, i concur with VoG™ on running setup from disk

  Newuser4343 11:54 18 Dec 2004

will continue and keep you posted thanks for response

  Newuser4343 14:23 18 Dec 2004

When I run windows setup from the windows ME CD it stops at 65% with the following error message"SUWIN an error has occured in your application if you choose ignore save your work in a new file if you choose close your application will terminate"If I choose close the installation stops and I am back to square one.If I choose ignore I get the following error message "SUWIN caused ageneral protection fault in module Verx.dll at 0002:24AE"If I try to boot from the hard drive I get the following error messages"The following file is missing or corrupted D:\WINDOWS\FSHLP.SYS The following file is missing or corrupted D:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32.VXD Type the name of the windows loader e.g. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM VMM32.VXD What should I do next?

  Kegger 14:45 18 Dec 2004

click here for error code on SUWIN (BRB rebuilding a very sick laptop) i will try and be back in the next hour ...Kegger

  Kegger 15:25 18 Dec 2004

Newuser4343 where are you at the moment with re-install?

  Newuser4343 15:50 18 Dec 2004

I will try some of the suggestions and advise otherwise am no further been away

  Newuser4343 16:20 18 Dec 2004

Have checked date and time in BIOS correct Have disabled virus check and level 1 and 2 cache in BIOS none of the other errors seem to apply as I know motherboard etc is OK as it works with the backup drive.

  Newuser4343 10:30 19 Dec 2004

Still no joy just a very slow install which stopped at 65% Am going to check hard drive jumpers and not save previous windows installation on install will reenable cache

  Newuser4343 11:50 19 Dec 2004

Am having big problems tried to reset system as before with small drive as main and old drive as second drive but unable to get into windows system wont seem to boot properly

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