Re install windows ME

  Newuser4343 19:04 17 Dec 2004

My PC wont launch windows it boots up alright but wont go into windows Ihave saved my documents onto another hard drive can I install windows ME over it self? any other suggestions there is no problem with the hard drive and no virus

  VoG II 19:09 17 Dec 2004

Yes. The easiest way to do this is to boot from the ME disk.

First you need to enter the BIOS. This normally means pressing a key, or combination of keys, immediately after switch-on. A message to this effect usually flashes up on the screen when you switch on, such as "To enter setup press Del". Other common BIOS codes are listed at click here.

When the BIOS screen appears you will see a set of menu options. Look for one labelled Boot or Startup and select the item Boot Order, or First Boot; this will be set to HD0, HD1 or the serial number of your hard disk drive.

Change the setting to read CD, CD-Rom or the serial number of your CD/DVD-Rom drive, Save the Change and Exit the BIOS. Open the CD-Rom drive, insert your ME disk and restart your computer.

This should install ME over itself. You should find all your documents etc. intact but backing up was a wise move.

  Kegger 19:11 17 Dec 2004

yes you can, you will need a boot disk or make cd rom bootable, from there rebuild system, however you will also need drivers for some hardware's, make sure you have complete info on modem, graphic card, sound card, etc in case windows doesn't recognise it, i will monitor string if you need further help... Kegger

  Newuser4343 19:26 17 Dec 2004

I will carry out the suggestions and keep you posted

  Newuser4343 20:37 17 Dec 2004

I will give a bit more background to the problem.
1.Installed a second hard drive bought from a computer fair second hand as a back up drive installation was no problem as I have built the PC I am using to write this on.All seemed OK went to use the PC in a few days and it would not load windows from the original drive the C drive error loading explorer.exe.Spoke to a more kmowledgable PC friend and installed windows ME to the D drive and attempted to run checkdisk on the C drive this took forever and system locked up and became very unstable/unusable.Passed system over to computer friend who said second disc had errors on it and would not format.Disc had failed.He put another disc in but only small 16GB and made this the C drive and copied my docments onto it from the D drive(oldC)To make a working system.Everything seems fine with the original drive and I would prefer to boot from this as it has all my programs, windows settings etc on it.When I try to boot(I have disconnected the 16GB drive from the IDE cable)I get this message The following file is missing or corrupted D:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32.VXD It is no problem to boot from the cd drive with the windows me disc in the drive but it says an OS is already installed reboot from hard disc(not possible)or else run setup from CD which will replace CONFI.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT by basic versions should I go ahead .THANKS in anticipation!Ps I have all my driver cds etc.

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