Re Install windows 98SE

  Henryk 08:58 08 Nov 2005

I am having problems with missing files.

I want to re install windows 98SE over the current version.

I have a copy of windows 98SE on the D:/of my partitioned hard drive.

How do I reinstal it from here.

Is there any risk of loosing the data already on my PC in doing this.

Thanks in advance for any help offered

  Diodorus Siculus 09:25 08 Nov 2005

There is always a risk of loss of data but it should be low.

Get a bootable floppy, such as from click here

start pc with disk in place

assuming D dirve is still D drive and the copy of windows is in a folder called windows, type


If you have the windows folder with a different name, substitute it above.

Give more details and I am sure you will get a response.

  Stuartli 10:46 08 Nov 2005

Have you tried SFC first?

(Start>Run> type SFC>OK

You may need to point the path to your D:\ Windows folder as you/if you haven't got an installation disk.

  woodchip 10:53 08 Nov 2005

No risk, If you load 98 over it's self. You need to disable your Anti-Virus so it does not run. For DOS you may need to look in Autoexec.bat file and Rem out the appropriate line, or Config.sys to the above.
Copy the Win98 Folder from you CD to the Drive in Explorer, then go to Start\Shut Down\Restart in MS-DOS type the path to the 98se folder with Setup at the end of the Path press enter

  woodchip 10:57 08 Nov 2005

As above as you have done what I have done, already got Win98 on another Partition change to Partition like at DOS as above type D: press enter

At D:\> type Win98 it should then change to

D:\Win98> type Setup press enter

  woodchip 10:58 08 Nov 2005

Do not forget to Turn of AV as above

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