re-install windows 98 on DEL laptop

  Frank-193284 17:18 12 Sep 2008

I have a DEL Latitude LS and want to te install the original manafacurers set up, any idea!!

  crosstrainer 17:26 12 Sep 2008

You are aware I'm sure that Windows 98 is no longer supported by Microsoft, so using it online will render you far more vunerable to virus / malware attack.

The Dell should have come with either a copy of Windows on a restore disk, or on a hidden partition on the hard drive itself.

To access this partiton, you need to enter your BIOS setup screen on bootup. The key you tap varies, but DEL or F2 are common. For more information see the Dell site, but I note they are no longer supplying 98 recovery disks.

A phone call or email may help

  skidzy 17:32 12 Sep 2008

here is an excellent tutorial,though you may find you will need the motherboard drivers as 98 will install generic drivers to start with.
click here
Its been a while since i last installed 98 and i too installed to a Dell latitude,the main problem i had was the wireless card and getting it to work,eventually i succeeded.98se would be better if possible.

If Woodchip is around,he may guide you further as this is his expertise.

  woodchip 17:53 12 Sep 2008

"Windows 98 is no longer supported by Microsoft, so using it online will render you far more vulnerable to virus".
Sorry but that is not true, As Virus attackers Attack that where they will get most effect i.e XP and VISTA 98se is not worth writing a virus for.

Old Software though in the real world may appear be open to the above. They simply do not bother. I use all stuff that is the least likely to be hit Like Netscape and Flock 98se on the net. I do not go on the net much with my XP computer because of the above.

  woodchip 17:55 12 Sep 2008

Never had a Virus or Malaware in 13 years. I only use a Virus Checker and Router Firewall

  woodchip 17:57 12 Sep 2008

How many Partitions on the Drive, or do you have a Win98 CD and key. The key will most likely be on the PC

  crosstrainer 18:07 12 Sep 2008

We will have to agree to disagree :))

  woodchip 18:10 12 Sep 2008

Well I am on my 98se now, I also use a AV that I never need to download any Dat files for it. I have had this AV as long as I can remember.

One Thing I do, do is keep away from doggy sites

  Frank-193284 18:23 12 Sep 2008

How do I access the partition with the original factory settings, any help would be welcome!

  woodchip 18:33 12 Sep 2008

You need somebody with a old Dell Laptop, But if you have the 98se disc its easy.

Why do you want to reload windows? Why can it not be fixed?

PS if you do a clean install do not forget that you will need all the drivers for the Laptop Hardware, These may be now hard to come by. unless the Laptop does have a hidden partition to restore from.

If you know some one with a 98se CD you can run the Setup over the top of windows to sometimes fix a problem

  woodchip 18:55 12 Sep 2008

This may help, click on the responses click here

Looks like you should have a Restore CD after I have been checking on the Net

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