re-install of w8

  sunnystaines 17:09 29 Oct 2014

just want to check i have got it right.

goto-charms-update settings-udate & recovery-reinstall windows to factory settings -start.

do not have a w8 dvd. will it just reboot and put factory settings in place as per day 1.

  SparkyJack 18:04 29 Oct 2014

Factory settings clears the disk,are you backed up £ I dumped W8 some time ago,so my rcal may be flawed.

On boot up do you not get a sort of BIOS option giving various selections including restore?

  sunnystaines 18:09 29 Oct 2014


i tried a few of ms apps [sloitare and suduku] they will not load, screen jumps back to desktop before fully opening. not used apps other than to access word/excel which is ok.

ran SFC/scannow found some errors which it could not repair, from what i understand a refresh ringfences apps so if that is where the problem lies it will not help. so it is forget about apps or repair. trouble is two days with reinstalls, and updates of other software. makes me wonder if a minor problem i have with chrome occasionally freezing might be related too. back in the old days of w98/95 and xp i would refomat once a year and the pc would have a big lift in speed but not done it since due no O.S.dvd/cd

  BRYNIT 21:54 29 Oct 2014

This should help CLICK HERE

If it was a new computer with win8 already installed you may get an option to restore back to factory default. If you updated to win8.1 it may go back to win8 and you will have to reinstall the win8.1 update

  sunnystaines 08:36 30 Oct 2014

after reinstal will google bookmarks be retored when i reinstall google or is there a way to save them?

jock did you cmd options fixed one error in "store"

BRYNIT thanks for the link.

  sunnystaines 09:35 30 Oct 2014

jock still got the same promblem the app never completes the sign it before the screen reverts back to desktop. restarted pc, no differet.

ran SFC again reported no problems this time.

wondering is there a setting somewhere to give the apps longer to sign it before jumping back to the desktop. not really used apps before so a bit lost.

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