re-install PLEASE HELP

  Ballie 14:52 08 Nov 2008

My computer has been a little bit slow and unstable of late and the last time that I reinstalled the operating system was a good couple of years ago. Therefore today I started a clean install of windows xp, the disc I use is a genuine windows xp upgrade (from win 98)I also have a genuine windows 98 operating disc as well both of which I have the product codes for.

Having done a fresh/clean install several times in the past I would like to think I know what I am doing! However, I seem to be having some problems, having backed up all my data on a spare hard drive I set about alterating the bios so that my pc would boot from cd.

I placed the windows xp disc in the disc drive and restarted the computer as you would expect it came up asking me if I wanted to install windows which obviously I clicked yes. It then ran the program inspecting my computer and at some point asked me to qualify for this upgrade can I insert the windows 98 disc into my drive which I then done.

It then asked me to put the xp disc back in, it then prompted me to format to which I chose to format drive c, after if formats drive c it says that windows is now starting set up and says that windows will restart in a few seconds or press enter to restart now and set up will continue once restarted. However, when it restarts is just starts at the beginning of the whole procedure all over again. So far I have done this 12 times! and will just will not install windows on this drive.

The other interesting thing is the drive is a cgate 320GB hard drive yet the windows operating disc only recognises it as 131072MB.

I have tried jumping my coms to clear the main board data and setting in the bios to fail safe default. I am pulling my hair out as I just do not know how to install windows - please can someone help.

  howard64 15:10 08 Nov 2008

are you hitting the keyboard to boot from cd when it restarts? you must not do this and it will then continue with the install.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:12 08 Nov 2008

Windows pre Sp2 will not recognise drives over 131G don't worry when you have sort the install the updates will take care of that.

If it restarts when installing drivers then click here

  Ballie 15:35 08 Nov 2008


no I am not hitting anything on the keyboard, I am just leaving it to restart but when it does its starts from the beging again ie it say do you want to install windows? its the same page as comes up when you first put the disc in, I am just going round in circles, 13 times today so far!!!

  Ballie 16:45 08 Nov 2008

does anyone have any idea as to why win xp won't install and I seem stuck in this loop?

its driving me mad

  pj123 17:06 08 Nov 2008

I have a strange feeling that, having formatted your hard disc, you would need to install Win 98 on it first and then upgrade to XP?

  chub_tor 17:14 08 Nov 2008

If you have set the BIOS back to default then in all probability you have set the boot sequence back to Hard Drive first. Have a look at this post click here which gives step by step instrucions for achieving the correct set up to allow XP to install - also have a read of click here which describes your problem but does not give such a definite description even though the problem was solved.

  Ballie 17:25 08 Nov 2008

all sorted, I needed to take out the cd when it rebooted then put it back in once it booted from the hdd with the temp set up files

  chub_tor 17:28 08 Nov 2008

I believed that you had to install Win 98 first for a while and then discovered that all you need to do is insert the disc when asked for. Saves a lot of time and effort!

  Ballie 09:24 09 Nov 2008

I did NOT need or have to install win98 I just had to remove the xp disc from the cd rom during the reboot, it then boots from the temp files it has just put on the hdd and not from the cd again and again! then you just needed to put the xp disc back in when it asked.

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