re-install camera on PC

  jerica 10:06 08 Nov 2012

Hi, I've got a PS3 eye camera that I'm using with my PC, (XP SP3) and it's been working perfectly, I had to unplug it the other day and use a different camera but now I've re-installed it and the PC doesn't seem to want to see it. I've re-installed the drivers but although the CL eye test gizmo sees it things like Skype say there is no camera connected. I'm fairly sure I've had this before but I cannot for the life of me remember what I did to fix it. Any help would be great, thanks.

  Nontek 10:10 08 Nov 2012

Have you looked in Video Options in Skype to see if the camera is shown - you might need to click on the down arrow by the camera name space.

  northumbria61 10:12 08 Nov 2012

Things to check -

  1. tools - options - videosettings - select webcam: still the right driver selected?

  2. if usb cam: unplug / replug usb cable while pc is running

  3. control panel - (hardware) - device manager - imaging devices:

your cam driver present, and without yellow or red marks?

  1. did you make sure that no other program than skype is running that also uses your cam? e.g. check in taskmanager - processes.
  jerica 10:21 08 Nov 2012

Nontek, Skype says no camera detected. Northumbria 1, no camera detected 2, been there, tried that, no joy. 3, no imaging devices at all. There are no other progs running that use the camera and like I said if I use the camera driver test prog it's there.

  Nontek 10:26 08 Nov 2012

Assuming it is connected via USB, did you connect it to same port as before - or, try a different USB port.

  jerica 10:47 08 Nov 2012

Same port, just re-installed driver again and still no luck, but at least it has shown up in hardware under device manager and it tells me it is working properly but Skype still cannot find it.

  Nontek 11:01 08 Nov 2012

Re-install Latest Skype.

  jerica 11:19 08 Nov 2012

Ta for the help, I did a system restore and it all works now, I found other stuff wrong as well, thanks again.

  Nontek 11:39 08 Nov 2012

Great - thanks for your feedback.

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