julia23 16:47 03 Jan 2006

Happy New Year to Everyone.

I recently sent an email to a friend at work and she rang me to say she is having problems with her computer at work. Apparently they have been re-imaged during the Xmas Hols. She didn't know what this meant and neither do I. What does this mean, possibly a reinstall of the operating system or an upgrade?



  ade.h 17:00 03 Jan 2006

I think it means they've all had a makeover... ;o)

  SANTOS7 17:07 03 Jan 2006

Re-imaging is the copying of software onto multiple devices from one standard image using volume licensing media. All Microsoft Volume Licensing customers have this re-imaging right. However, there are certain conditions to using the volume license media for re-imaging if you are re-imaging to replace the software previously installed either by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or from full packaged product (FPP).

  SANTOS7 17:08 03 Jan 2006

click here
Bet your glad you asked now!!! Hope this helps,good luck....

  julia23 17:36 03 Jan 2006

I am not glad I asked, I am sorry I asked.
Seriously though, thanks for your reply. I've had look at the link and think I know what we are talking about. Don't ask me to explain though.


  julia23 17:37 03 Jan 2006

Think I need a makeover at the moment.



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