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  ROYWIDD 13:04 17 Oct 2003

Hi everyone,i recently had probs with my connection-"cannot display"etc,and i put it down to IE6 being corrupted,so i un-installed it,or so i thought.since reading threads last night ref ntl BB,it seems it could have been that.ive installed netscape as my browser,but not having IE is causing lots of apps not to work properly.
I've tried re-installing IE,but i get error message saying it cannot install because a newer version is already installed!Any of you clever people help please?Iwould like to know how to do a clean install of IE,THANKS.ROYWIDD

  smegs 13:11 17 Oct 2003
  smegs 13:12 17 Oct 2003
  Jester2K II 13:48 17 Oct 2003

To force IE to reinstall

In the registry goto

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4383}

If there is a key called IsInstalled then set the value to 0.

Now try to reinstall IE6.

  ROYWIDD 18:37 17 Oct 2003

hi jester2,also smegs,thanks for your advice.Can't open IE by just downloading,error msg tells me it cant access the sites needed to update components.Re getting into the registry Jester,how please do i do that?I'm on Win ME,sorry to be a pain..........roywidd

  Legolas 18:51 17 Oct 2003

To get into the registry go to start/run and type regedit click ok the registry will open with a list of the HKEYS follow Jester2K II advice to solve your problem.

If you are not used to tampering with the registry you should make a back up before going any further, to do this when you get into the registry click file/export and choose to save it to a floppy disk if you mess up the registry you can then restore with your backup

  ROYWIDD 10:53 19 Oct 2003

hi,many thanks for your help,IE6 back on and running ok,but will keep netscape for when IE decides to act up,the registry's scary lol

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