Re: is this a help forum or a chatroom

  pj123 15:29 14 Jan 2003
  pj123 15:29 14 Jan 2003

Cmon Guys, I notice there were 10 responses to that posting. Don't patronise. Lets just get on with our job of helping or getting help, I don't know where the 75 percent came from but I reckon i get 100 percent help.

  « Ravin » 15:40 14 Jan 2003

who cares what ppl say if we get our problems solved

  ©®@$ђ 15:42 14 Jan 2003

well i had to answer to that post coz i have been about here for the best part of two years,and i like this site ,as-well as the people, it has brought me nothing but good, with the help etc (learned allot)

so you can understand why people of his mentality get on my wick

anyway happy computing

  musicbassman 15:48 14 Jan 2003

I don't quite understand what the guys problem was - he can take his surfing elsewhere if he doesn't like it. Yes, some of the postings aren't exactly to the point, but hey, we're happy !

  pj123 15:50 14 Jan 2003

Yes, i do understand. I also have learned a lot. and hopefully helped others.

I just wonder whether if no one answered him would he have gone away. As it is it looks like PCA has chucked him off anyway.

Thanks for your response.


  pj123 15:53 14 Jan 2003

I don't think he had a problem. he sounded like one of those people who know everything and just wanted to upset the system. Hopefully we won't be hearing from him again.


  mark3110 16:02 14 Jan 2003

A shame he has gone really, could have provided us with hours of entertainment during a lull in activity! Not that I've ever noticed one.


  tran1 17:08 14 Jan 2003

I love this forum soo much, I have made it my homepage and the first site i go to everyday.

Its (like what everyones saying) an invaluble source. You learn something new each day.

  barrie_g 17:24 14 Jan 2003

me too, I like it just the way it is a nice combination of the two, you can help people out and have a laugh at the same time lifes to short to take too seriously.

  pj123 17:36 14 Jan 2003

Thanks Guys for all the responses. it just confirms my confidence. i like the site as it is. I get help when i need it. and I give help if i can.

we don't need p***** like bobmags on here.


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