Re-formatting XP Pro

  dublincity 20:46 15 Mar 2005

I recently had to re-format my PC with its XP Pro - the first time that I've ever done that. Despite all Microsoft updates (inc. SP2), it was straightforward and I used the option that allowed for the keeping of all work and software except the updates. It was successful.

The PC has since been updated again. Due to various, apparent problems (probably caused inadvertently by me), I decided to re-format again. NOW, I get a message saying that it cannot be done because the installed version is more recent than the one on the disk.

Does anybody know if - and how - I can over-ride this and repeat the re-format without losing anything except the updates? Thanks.

  Fingees 21:00 15 Mar 2005

You should be able to reformat by booting from the cd.

Make sure you only choose format, and don't attempt to reinstal until formatting is finished.

It should not matter then what versions are on the disk.

Failing that, make up a floppy, with necessary programs,even an old floppy made to install windows 98 will do.
including format, and boot from that.

if you do that, you can only format in fat32, but you can change it when you install windows xp

  stalion 21:02 15 Mar 2005

just in case you need to boot from floppy
click here

  dublincity 22:31 15 Mar 2005

Thanks - when I put the CD in, it comes up with 4 options, the first of which is for installing. Clicking on that gave further options - I used one of those previously. That doesn't happen now. Clicking on 'Instal' just gives the message that it's not permissible.

The other 3 options on the main menu are N/A.

I don't understand booting but nothing comes up about 'formatting' - where do I find it?

  Completealias 00:39 16 Mar 2005

If you format the drive then u lose all info that is stored on that drive you wipe it blank. NO information is left on the drive at all!

I think the process you did was to repair your exsisting xp installation thus keeping all your installed software and docs.

Do you have a full xp disk if so put this into your cd drive and boot from it. Xp setup should then start when it ask if you wish to install xp select that option not the recovery console and then at when if asks if you want to repair the existing installion press r to do so. This should then repair your existing xp install keeping all your docs and progs.

  dublincity 02:31 16 Mar 2005

Thanks, that's roughly what I did last time.

I don't know what is meant by 'boot from the disk'.

When I put the CD in, I'm presented with the options (as mentioned above) but unliike last time, it now won't let me proceed.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 03:34 16 Mar 2005

set your cdrom to 1st bootable device in the bios reboot the machine with the cd in the drive and folow on screen instructions. To enter setup(bios) a message should come up while system is doing pre-boot checks disks ram etc you will see a message around bottom left area press a key to enter setup usually F2 or del go in look for boot sequence set cd 1st save changes then exit

  ventanas 08:56 16 Mar 2005

Ensure that the computer is set to boot from CD before the hard drive.
Enter the Bios (press Del or F2 on boot up) and make any necessary changes.

When computer starts press any key to boot from CD when prompted at bottom of screen
Windows Setup will appear on a blue screen. Allow to run as files load at bottom of screen.
When prompted press enter to set up Windows XP. Press F8 to accept agreement.
Press Esc to install a fresh copy of Windows as per the prompt.
From options at bottom of screen press D to delete the partition and return to confirm.
Press L to activate the deletion.

At the next screen press C to create a new partition. Accept the default size (Press enter to set up Windows XP
Choose the format using full NTFS (not quick) file system (3rd option)
Sit back and wait.

Sep up will copy installation files (about 5 mins).
Set up will then initialize and computer will restart
Ignore the prompt to boot from CD
XP will install

At the prompt change settings to English (United Kingdom). Also change location to UK.
On the same prompt change Language and Keyboard settings to UK

At the next prompt enter name as will be used for the computer. Enter product key from computer casing
Enter computer name and administrator password.

Check date and time and time zone. Change if necessary.

At the next prompt accept Typical Network Settings.

You will then be asked to join the computer to a domain or Workgroup. Choose accordingly.

When finished computer will restart (again ignore prompt to boot from CD)
(The CD can be removed when restart complete)

When prompted add the user to the computer
Restart will finalise and the computer is ready.

Install Service Packs BEFORE using Internet

  [email protected] 10:21 16 Mar 2005

select the first boot device as cd.. delete your existing partition and create a new one. format useing ntfs, when format is complete do not press any keys and the disc will automaticalley go into the windows setup. i reccommend that u have a cd with sp2 on it otherwise when u go on the internet to get the updates u will get blitzed with viruses! be carefull it happend to me!

  ventanas 10:35 16 Mar 2005

That's why I advised to install the service packs before connecting to the Internet.

dublincity. If you have to activate before installing the sp's do it by phone.

  Fingees 11:44 16 Mar 2005

You have to set the disk to start from, in this case your cd rom via the BIOS. So first boot should be CD. second Hard drive (c)

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