Re-Formatting Win XP Pro?

  dublincity 00:57 23 Nov 2004

I've been on Win XP Pro for more than a year and have (inevitably?) lost a few functions due, apparently, to missing files, inc. .dll files, caused, perhaps, by bad uninstallations.

Until recently, I'd never had a formatting disk. I now have the original with which my system was set-up by my PC manufacturer.

Is it possible to re-install just parts of the XP Pro set-up on top of my existing set-up without losing any work, software, Microsoft updates and patches etc? A message says that the disk set-up is an older edition than mine - presumably that's because mine has had umpteen Microsoft critical and optional updates and patches?

Any advice will be appreciated. Many Thanks.

  hugh-265156 02:11 23 Nov 2004

if its a manufacturers restore disc then it will more than likely wipe the drive and return the computer to factory settings.

this is ok if you back any personal files ie/ downloaded .exes, photos, docs etc you may have saved to cd or dvd. you will then need to install all the windows updates again and any other software you have installed if you have not backed then up.

for missing .dll or system files and errors related to them try this:

click 'start/run' and type 'sfc /scannow' click ok. this will search for and replace any damaged or missing system files on your computer without losing any data. normally you would be prompted to insert your windows xp cdrom but if your system came pre installed then it takes its information from the i386 folder and should not prompt you. try that first.

can you tell us what the exact problem is please? may help.

  dublincity 03:22 23 Nov 2004

My local computer-person hand-built the PC for me and (I suspect) formatted it with a copy CD. He's now given me another copy with the same reg. code.

The main problem is that my drives D & E can 'read' but can no longer be 'written to'. Hope I've got the lingo right! Drive D asks for a CD to be inserted, even though I've done that. Drive E signals some .exe error.

I've read the property boxes which say the drives are 'working'. Ditto when I've been onto the net via the troublingshooting facility. When I read that the drivers were Microsoft, I wondered if I could replace them from the formatting CD? Many Thanks.

  dublincity 04:34 23 Nov 2004

I did the "click 'start/run' and type 'sfc
/scannow' click ok" routine. It did indeed ask (many times) for the CD to be inserted and for me to 'Re-try'. I did that. I've no idea if the program was reading from the CD since I'd had to 'Exit' it in order to get back to the screen.

I tried a similar exercise using TuneXP.

On both occasions, the progress bar crept over to completion.

My D is SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC-152A. When I put a blank CD in, I get the signal, "Please insert a disk into drive D."

My E is YAMAHA CRW8824S SCSI CdRom Device [CD-ROM drive]. When I put any CD in, I get the signal, "E:\ is not accessible. incorrect function."

Has anybody any ideas?

Many thanks.

  Daveson 07:49 23 Nov 2004

Have you tried going into BIOS and make it so that when you re-boot it boots from your win xp pro disk and then from there do a clean install. Thats how i do mine every time. I dont know if theres a prob with your cd drive but this might work as its not actually loading up windows for the error to occur. Give it a go.

  Daveson 07:50 23 Nov 2004

by the way whats drive E: used for ?

  dublincity 08:22 23 Nov 2004

Thanks. Drive E is for Recording and Re-Writing.

Without either Drives D or E working, I can't back-up any work before having a fiddle. Does a 'clean install' involve losing all the stuff on my drive C? Cheers.

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