jbigmoff 09:22 06 Aug 2004

Lots of problems with my PC eg, freezes up, wont recognise USB ports, wont recognise sound card, wont shut down or boot up properly, wont recognise CD-ROM, lots of .dll files corruped or missing plus several other minor problems.
After having it for 4 years I think that it needs re-formatted. Any solutions or what is the best way to re-format.
I had tried to load the windows(98) CD again to solve these problems but no joy.
Is formatting the answer & how is it done

  BIG ben strikes 10 09:35 06 Aug 2004

have actully re-installed windows again or just an attempt?

  xania 09:37 06 Aug 2004

The best thing to do is to reformat and start again. To do this you will need to erase 98 and start again. Problem will be that you first need to be able to boot up your machine. Make sure you have a bootable floppy, with CD drivers or create one from your existing installation; alternatively, you may find that your PC can boot directly from CD. You need to check your chosen option works before progressing.

For floppy, use the floppy to boot up the computer then insert your CD and make sure you can see it. Now type in the command

format c:

and follow the instructions on screen. When advised that this is complete type in the command

x:\setup, where x: is the drive letter of your CD

and let the system install Windows.

If your PC will allow a CD boot, then boot from CD, format c:\ as above then install.

  Graham ® 09:42 06 Aug 2004

Shut down computer and select 'Start in MS-DOS mode'. At the A: prompt type C:, enter. At the C: prompt, type format C:, enter. Are you talking to us on the PC in question?

  BIG ben strikes 10 09:43 06 Aug 2004

or makea ms-dos startup disk and type format C:then boot from floppy or cd.

  jbigmoff 10:24 06 Aug 2004

Just an attempt

  jbigmoff 10:56 06 Aug 2004

No mate. I'm at work at present

  Graham ® 11:09 06 Aug 2004

The best boot disks are from Select Win 98 OEM. Download to the desktop, put a clean floppy in, double click on the download.

  Graham ® 11:20 06 Aug 2004

Forgot to say, when you boot with the floppy, the CD-ROM will temporarily move up a letter. And you will need the product code towards the end of setup.

If there are no problems with the PC, this is a straightforward process. I've done it many times for fun.

  jbigmoff 11:32 06 Aug 2004

Thanks mate, I'll gie this a try next week and hopefully it all works

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