Re-format and reinstall of XP Pro

  ventanas 08:55 10 Nov 2004

Never tried it from this perspective before. My current home installation of XP Pro is an "over the top" upgrade from Win98. Due to many minor niggles I am going to use the long Xmas break to reformat and reinstall, but this time perform a clean install from the XP upgrade disc. So two questions if I may.

Will I still get the screen asking me to veryfy the upgrade, as there will already be an installtion of XP.

If I do get this screen with the Win98 disc be readable as the file system is ntfs.

As ever grateful for any advice.

  jimv7 10:16 10 Nov 2004

Boot from cd with the xp disk, follow the onscreen instructions, it will give you the choice of formatting in fat32 or ntfs, create/delete partitions, and if it is an upgrade xp disk you will be asked to verify by inserting the win98 cd during the installation.

Remember to back up any important files you wish to keep and make sure that you have xp drivers at the ready for printer/scanner/modem/graphics or any other cards you have installed.

XP has a lot of drivers but they are generic with no bells or whistles.

  ventanas 10:27 10 Nov 2004

Thanks. No problems with files or drivers. But the upgrade verify screen appears (if its going to) somewhat before the options to format. Immediately after accepting the licence agreement. So there will still be an existing installation. Do you see what I mean.

  temp003 10:36 10 Nov 2004

Given what you already know about computers, I can see you're just being extremely careful here.

Re your question, I'm not sure, but I think you will still be asked for the qualifying CD at some stage.

If you do get the screen, XP Setup must be able to read the 98 CD. It's reading from a CD, nothing to do with the file system on the hard disk.

  ventanas 11:15 10 Nov 2004

Exactly right, being very careful. It was the reading of the CD that I was most concerned about. If I had thought about it what you say is obvious, so I will go and crawl into a corner.

Many thanks for your help.

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