RE Format

  CTIPPO 18:20 26 Oct 2004

Can any one assist me in how to reformat my hard disk.
I am running windows ME.

  TomJerry 18:41 26 Oct 2004

If you really need to do it and you have your stuff backup.

(1) Stick WinME installation CD into CD drive.

(2) Switch on PC, PRESS DEL key when you see something on screen, do it quickly, this will get you into Bios program

(3) Look around Bios and find Bootup Sequence (order) and set CD-ROM as first bootup device.

(4) Save change and quit Bios.

(5) Restart PC, now PC will bootup from WinME CD.

(6) Just follow on screen instruction.

Reformat will wipe eveything off, so only do it if it is necessary and you have your own files backup.

  Dorsai 18:43 26 Oct 2004

Any particular reason why you feel the need to do this?

I only ask incase the reason can be solved with a less 'scorched earth' policy, or perhaps will not be solved by a format.

Otherwise, you will need a boot disk, avaliable from click here then just boot up the pc with this in the floppy, and when the a: prompt arrives, type 'format C:'

However if you dont have a bootable cd drive, or some sort of bootable floppy with cd-rom drivers on it, you may then struggle to re-install Win-ME. (been there, done that, cursed myself).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 26 Oct 2004

1. back up any files you want off the drive.

2. Insert win me boot floppy (can be made in Control Panel)

3. reboot computer with disk in drive

4. select start with cd rom support from the menu

5. As disk runs its course note will say tools loaded to ram drive and New CD drive letter is moved back one letter? (was D now E)

6. AT a:\ type format c:\ (this will wipe everything off your C:\ drive

7. when completed put win me CD in drive type E:\setup (E= letter of your CD drive) this will reinstall a clean copy of ME on your hard drive.

  CTIPPO 18:54 26 Oct 2004

My computer is geting so slowwww, plus I am getting the the blue screen coming up after approx 15 mins use, prior to this I get a message saying this programme will not respond due to insuffient memory.
I feel that a re format will sort the problem. and yes I have backed up.Any Ideas

  Dorsai 19:25 26 Oct 2004

Sounds like either malware, or overheating.

If overheating, it may well be stubborn to re-start for a while, till it has cooled down again.

If mal-ware, yes a format will fix it, and may be the best option. YOu have fully backed up, so loss of data valuable to you not a problem. backing-up A Wise Move, in any event.

Have you tried the usual ad-aware/spybot search & destroy/a-squared? They may sort it, and shift the resource hogging nasties, and with less hassel/time than a full re-install.

for all 3, try click here and then search for the name i gave. download, install, run, update and run again. then go the the next.

  feb 20:03 26 Oct 2004

Do you have a full windows ME disc, or recovery discs?

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