Re-filling a Lexmark Z55 ink cartridge

  prozac1947 10:49 30 May 2003

The first time I tried re-filling I got blue running into every hole- a complete disaster.

This time I used advice in the Inky Fingers website. The colours are sharp and clear - today i noticed that the yellow seemed to be missing. A yellow sun came up bright green and an orange pumpkin dark green !!

I did put some yellow in the right place. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


  roygbiv 17:28 30 May 2003

I have Lexmark Z55. Havent refilled yet, but have refill kit (from Aktiv)ready to use, they give instructions, or go to click here or there abouts for Z55.

  prozac1947 17:39 30 May 2003

Tank you very much roygbiv. This is much better, I seem to have put the yellow in the wrong place !! I'll let you know if it works.

Thanks again

  roygbiv 16:11 03 Jun 2003

I refilled my Z55e on Sunday. So far all OK. No mess, it was very easy ( I have refilled my old Canon 7 or 8 times, so practice makes perfect)

TIP. Before putting in the ink , check the sponges in the cartridge with a wooden cocktail stick to check the colour of the ink.


  prozac1947 19:05 03 Jun 2003

Still no yellow or colours containing yellow. All the other colours are nice and clear - but, even thought I pt the yellow where it should go it makes no difference. I'll just have to print everything in pinks, blues and purples - and green !!!!
Thanks for help, at least I'll know for the future

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