Re-filling Lexmark

  roygbiv 12:48 21 Jul 2003

I have just refilled my Lexmark Z55e.
Colour fine, Black very faint.
Tried print head cleaning Test print(lots of times) changed the print quality to best, no difference!! a friend said to cover the (coppep) contacts on the carteridge to protect them from any damage while refilling (YES, i have taken it off). The refill is from aktiv (whom i have used Canon refills for a number of years without problems).

Have i done something to the carteridge by using sellotape on the contacts ?
Do i just buy a new black cart.?
Is a different refill recommended?

  Wak 15:04 21 Jul 2003

Hi, I have a Lexmark X75 and use the Ink-Tec refill kits from click here
These refill kits are supplied with a cartridge holder so that the contacts are protected all the time. They are also supplied with a rubber connector and special syringe so the ink can be withdrawn through the print head AFTER filling to assist with maintaining the ink flow.
I would have thought that the adhesive from the tape you used would have contaminated the contacts in some way and needs to be cleaned off.
Also suggest that you stand the cartridge on a damp paper tissue or in about 1/4" of hot (not boiling) water to assist in un-blocking the print head. Best of luck.

  roygbiv 17:16 21 Jul 2003

Wak. Thanks for the advice, i will try the hot water thing, before i buy another cart (i have nothing to lose). THANKS again.

  User-312386 22:43 21 Jul 2003

i thought that the lexmarks were gravity fed?

I was of the opinion that you had to reseal the hole with a bung to ensure that no air was getting in thus causing the ink to be "sucked" down the bottom

  Young Ranger 23:53 21 Jul 2003

I have refilled Lexmark cartridges with JR ink many times and never had to use a bung.

I have never used cellotape on the print heads either. I just avoid laying them down on the back or bottom.

  Wak 09:49 22 Jul 2003

I have refilled Lexmark and Canon cartridges and have never sealed the holes. In fact, Canon cartridges (BC02 & BC02) have built-in vent holes in the bung.
I should imagine that the holes in the print head are too small to allow the ink to bleed out under normal gravity unless syphoned out by the capillary action of a damp paper tissue or something similar.
As I mentioned above, the cartridge holder supplied by Choicestationery avoids damaging the electrical contacts at all times until removed when all refilling is completed.

  roygbiv 12:42 22 Jul 2003

Just to let you know, i have soaked the cart in 1/4 inch of water (for an hour or two) and at first the print is OK, but soon after it goes from fient black text to fient grey text.
I will have to invest in a new cart, when that runs out i will try to refill that (without useing sellotape on the contacts !!). Alan

  Wak 18:52 22 Jul 2003

It is possible that if you don't use the black cartridge very often that the sponge inside has dried out. Keep the old cartridge, Alan, and try filling it with Ink Flush. If it clears it, you would then have a spare cartridge.
Also, always refill cartridges straight away and don't let them stand about empty otherwise the sponge dries out as mentioned above.

  roygbiv 11:15 23 Jul 2003

Thanks for the adivce, i will keep and flush out the old cart when i have got a new one. Alan

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