Re-enabling task scheduler in windows me

  big_papa_boogaloo 12:07 18 Sep 2004

i need some help. i disabled task scheduler completely and at the time, i didn't realised that it needs to bee running for system restore to automatically create checkpoints. i am using windows me and have had no help from the support section of microsoft.
is there a way to re-enable task scheduler or will i have to re-install windows?

also if i were to reinstall windows, where can i buy windows xp home/pro cheaply and not an oem disk, the retail version of it

  neko 12:16 18 Sep 2004


To re-enable task scheduler.

Control Panel
Performance and Maintenance
Administrative tools
Scroll down to Task Scheduler and right click
and click on start.

I hope this is all you need.

  neko 12:19 18 Sep 2004

Sorry the lay out there wasn't quite how I typed it.

Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, Administrative tools, Services, Scroll down to Task Scheduler and right click. Then click on start.

  big_papa_boogaloo 20:22 20 Sep 2004

thanks for the reply. but i cannot follow the steps as i do not have XP, i have Windows ME. is there somewhere in control panel where i can restart task scheduler?

  neko 13:23 23 Sep 2004

Yeah sorry about that, I saw your last bit and XP stuck in my head.

I do not have ME but I think you will have to reinstall it from Internet Explorer.

Try add control panel,remove programs, select IE, I think Task Scheduler is there in 'add components'.

This message will bring this back to the top of the forum so maybe someone else will know better.

  neko 13:25 23 Sep 2004

Should read

control panel, add remove programs :)

  big_papa_boogaloo 14:08 26 Sep 2004

hi, i tried that but it tells me to go to windows update to get more components

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