timothy44 01:48 06 Jan 2003
  timothy44 01:48 06 Jan 2003

thank you forum editor with regards to your advice on downloading to cd's. when I load a blank cd a box appears with three options asking me what i want to do. do I choose the one that says " open a writable cd folder"? then drag things into this folder or is it one of the other choices? I know this sounds very basic but when you haven't done something before it's maddening.The other choices are " Create a disc using Veritas Record Now DX" or take no action. Thank you for your patience everyone.

  Pilch.... 03:09 06 Jan 2003

use for burning to CD's is nero, which is i think able to get for free with most CD--RW drives.....

just drag, drop and burn baby burn!

  timothy44 09:29 06 Jan 2003

thanks pilch but can anyone answer question on xp

1. open a writable cd folder or
2.create a disc using veritas Record Now DX

  Djohn 09:34 06 Jan 2003

timothy44, I would think it is No1 for writing Data files. IE: when you wish to keep the disk open to add more files at a later date. And No2 for a straight copy of music.

I too use Nero, so the above is only a guess, but would seem correct. Regards J.

  timothy44 10:00 06 Jan 2003

thanks i have tried to download nero but it just says can't find cd rom when i try to instal it. I'm not having a lot of luck

  timothy44 10:13 06 Jan 2003

is there anyone out there who just uses xp to download. When i open "open a writable cd folder" i want to know what to do next, if i have photos in say "my pictures" do i then open that and drag them from there to the writable folder. DOHH!! help cause i've already lost photos.

  Djohn 11:08 06 Jan 2003

timothy44, sorry I use win98 so can't advise, but their are plenty of people on here that will help, you just need to wait for them to come on line!

If you have not had an answer by the time your question reaches the bottom of the page, just bring it back to the top with a refresh. Regards. J.

  €dstow 11:15 06 Jan 2003

Which CD writer do you have installed?

It is very unusual for Nero not to recognise a writer so have you checked that your writer is supported?


  Pilch.... 13:00 06 Jan 2003

for the XP burning software, i open a window, copy stuff i want to burn, then click write these files to CD on the left and that is it done. What version of XP do you have?

  jazzypop 13:22 06 Jan 2003

You are correct.

Taken from the XP Help files (go to Start > Help and Support, search for digital media)

"To copy files and folders to a CD

Insert a blank, writable CD into the CD recorder.

1. Open My Computer.

2. Click the files or folders you want to copy to the CD. To select more than one file, hold down the CTRL key while you click the files you want.

3. Then, under File and Folder Tasks, click Copy this file, Copy this folder, or Copy the selected items.

If the files are located in My Pictures, under Picture Tasks, click Copy to CD or Copy all items to CD, and then skip to step 5.

4. In the Copy Items dialog box, click the CD recording drive, and then click Copy.

5. In My Computer, double-click the CD recording drive. Windows displays a temporary area where the files are held before they are copied to the CD. Verify that the files and folders that you intend to copy to the CD appear under Files Ready to be Written to the CD.

6. Under CD Writing Tasks, click Write these files to CD. Windows displays the CD Writing Wizard. Follow the instructions in the wizard.


To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.

Do not copy more files to the CD than it will hold. Standard CDs hold up to 650 megabytes (MB). High-capacity CDs hold up to 850 MB.

Be sure that you have enough disk space on your hard disk to store the temporary files that are created during the CD writing process. For a standard CD, Windows reserves up to 700 MB of the available free space. For a high-capacity CD, Windows reserves up to 1 gigabyte (GB) of the available free space.

After you copy files or folders to the CD, it is useful to view the CD to confirm that the files are copied. For more information, click Related Topics. "

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