Re-dialers with Broadband?

  gaynes1cove 19:37 25 Nov 2004

With all the hooha about redialers to premium rates being use to get the unfortunate recipients astronomical phone bills, can some one tell me if this is likely to happen to anyone using broadband. Any help and advice on such a scam would be apreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:41 25 Nov 2004

Assuming that you have disconnected your old modem there is no chance.


  Dorsai 19:44 25 Nov 2004

As far as i have been able to gather it it *impossible* to re-direct a BB connection.

*But* if you still have your old Dial-up modem in the PC, and it is still conencted to the phone, it is possible for a dialer to hang up your BB connection, and dial out using a dial-up modem.

So either remove the dial up modem, or unplug the phone from it.

Easy as.

  carolineann 19:45 25 Nov 2004

Having just installed bb. myself that was something I was going to ask, so thanks.

  Noelg23 19:48 25 Nov 2004

like others have said do not leave your old dial up modem connected to the phone line cos once a dialer comes on it will disconnect the broadband and connect via dial up...

  CurlyWhirly 22:42 25 Nov 2004

Another great reason for people to upgrade to broadband - no premium rate telephone bill shock in the post!

  pinfog 23:45 25 Nov 2004

I heard someone with broadband on a phone-in saying their connection had been re-routed through a dial-up connection so it's possible

you can get BT to block all calls to premium numbers from your line.

disconnecting the modem is fine if you're not interested in using your PC as, for example, an answer machine or to network over the phone line.

you could also disable the modem in the device manager.

  Mikè 23:46 25 Nov 2004

As far as I know you can leave your modem connected, as long as you disable it in device manager.

  Mikè 23:50 25 Nov 2004

Sorry Pinfog you posted while I was typing, yes you are correct, any new dun would not be able to dial out if the modem was disabled.

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